CoD Vanguard $110k tourney team disbands after player dropped for alleged cheater

CoD Vanguard $110k tourney team disbands after player dropped for alleged cheaterActivision

Drama is no stranger to the Call of Duty community and the $110k Vanguard tournament delivered that as a team disbanded when a player was dropped for an alleged cheater.

The eFuse Black Friday $110k Search and Save tournament was the largest prize pool Vanguard has seen at the time of the event.

Doug ‘Censor’ Martin was one of the team captains selected for the event and needed to field a content creator and woman to round out his roster.

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While everything seemed set in place, things got out of hand when he decided to drop ShawnJ Gaming, for a cheater.

Vanguard $110k tourney team breaks up after cheater exposed

Prior to the start of the tournament, Shawn J who was a World Series of Warzone captain, announced she would be on Team Censor for the $110k. However, just a day later she was informed that he was dropping her to pick up another woman.

Things got even spicier as a clip of the player Censor replaced ShawnJ with surfaced. This showcased her playing in Black Ops Cold War and using wallhacks in a match. Due to this, ShawnJ said that this person was blacklisted by the admins and not allowed to play.

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When it seemed that things had reached their peak, they continued to spiral downward. While he was searching for another, Censor’s other player on the roster decided to jump ship and abandoned the team.

This left him with hours to find two new teammates for the biggest Vanguard tourney to date.

Censor ended up teaming with JokerKun and Cloey, but they were unable to win a series and bowed out 0-3 in the group stage.

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