JGOD reveals two best overall weapons to dominate Warzone Season 3

Connor Bennett
JGOD talking to camera on Warzone Caldera map

Warzone guru JGOD has highlighted what he believes are the two “best” weapons in Season 3 as one loadout, and it doesn’t include any sniper rifle. 

When the Warzone developers started teasing the Season 3 update, they also noted that the meta was going to shift quite a bit, seeing as they would be heavily nerfing the battle royale’s most popular sniper rifles.

On top of those big nerfs, some other popular choices – including the Owen Gun, MP40, and Bren – also got hit in a big way, opening up spots in the meta for some weapons that have either been on the fringes of being useful or just haven’t been used in a long time.

As a result, players have been switching their loadouts up, trying to find the best combination for them. For JGOD, his answer is pretty simple as he’s rocking the Cold War AK47 and the Owen Gun, despite the latter being nerfed.

player using nikita assault rifle in cod
Buffs and nerfs, along with the two new guns have shaken up the meta in Warzone Season 3.

The Warzone stats guru highlighted the pair in his May 2 video, calling them the “best weapons in Warzone right now” despite them both having some flaws.

In terms of the AK47, JGOD noted that the recoil can put some players off using it, but there’s a simple fix. Switching the optic you use to a holographic should make things “a little easier” to deal with, and put the weapon’s significant power in your hands.

“When it comes to the Owen Gun, it did get a nerf, but this is still going to be the best all-around build regardless of which one you’re playing,” he added. The YouTuber even showed that the SMG still rips enemies apart at close range, almost like the nerf never even happened.

As per WZRanked stats, the pair have both jumped inside the top five most popular weapons following the Season 3 update, and pairing them together is a smart choice.

Of course, if they’re too powerful as the season progresses, the developers could bring them down a notch. Though, for now, it’s worth rocking with JGOD’s advice.

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