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Top 10 most viewed Warzone Twitch streamers: November 2021

Published: 2/Dec/2021 16:29

by Jacob Hale


With the entire Call of Duty: Warzone community anticipating the integration of Vanguard into the battle royale title, bringing the new Caldera map with it, November saw some changes in the elite of Warzone Twitch streamers.

With more new games coming out, Warzone had to fight for its spot among the most-watched games on Twitch. It lagged behind Halo Infinite when that first launched and was firmly behind biggest rivals Fortnite and Apex Legends throughout November.

With Vanguard launching at the start of the month, too, a lot of top Warzone streamers switched over to grind the new CoD, and it shows in the rankings.


Here are the top 10 most-watched Warzone streamers in November, according to SullyGnome.

Most watched Twitch Warzone streamers (November)

Frenchman chowh1 climbed back to the top of the rankings in November, beating out the likes of Swagg, Aydan, and HusKerrs. Here’s the full top 10:

Streamer Watch time Stream time Peak viewers
Chowh1 1,312,037 hours 153 hours 15,956
its_iron 1,246,286 hours 252 hours 8,861
Swagg 1,223,941 hours 110 hours 21,493
HusKerrs 1,217,600 hours 192 hours 22,796
Recrent 936,276 hours 115 hours 17,989
Symfuhny 808,427 hours 107 hours 13,635
Aydan 678,683 hours 64 hours 26,059
TeePee 595,519 hours 107 hours 11,200
DiazBiffle 489,227 hours 71 hours 25,744
MoonRyde 482,194 hours 136 hours 7,027

With big names like Aydan playing a lot of Vanguard throughout November, we see him move further down the list than he has been for a long time.

That makes way for some familiar faces to move up the rankings, however, with players like its_iron getting ever closer to the top spot.

Chowh1 has a clear gap at the top, however, beating iron by almost 70,000 hours watched, despite streaming for around 100 hours less in total.


Chowh1 Warzone stream
Twitch: chowh1
Chowh1 is best known as the winner of the inaugural World Series of Warzone Solo YOLO tournament.

Previous top Warzone streamers

Most watched Twitch Warzone streamers (October)

Recrent found himself on top in October, beating out top names like Aydan and Swagg to be Warzone’s most-watched streamer.

Streamer Watch time Stream time Peak viewers
Recrent 1,796,207 hours 177 hours 20,433
Aydan 1,608,833 hours 167 hours 28,265
Swagg 1,455,746 hours 124 hours 29,751
Symfuhny 1,254,135 hours 172 hours 15,842
chowh1 1,130,647 hours 143 hours 13,769
DiazBiffle 1,058,263 hours 136 hours 17,202
its_iron 977,711 hours 178 hours 8,486
NICKMERCS 874,156 hours 32 hours 43,751
Cloakzy 867,488 hours 97 hours 18,515
HusKerrs 853,036 hours 141 hours 13,775

Most watched Twitch Warzone streamers (September)

Aydan once again reclaimed the title of most-viewed Warzone streamer on Twitch according to SullyGnome. Frenchman Chowh1 continued his strong run, while others such as TeeP and DiazBiffle moved into the top 10.

Streamer Watch time Stream time Peak viewers
Aydan 2,004,472 hours 186 hours 24,444
chowh1 1,712,294 hours 202 hours 48,911
Recrent 1,588,601 hours 180 hours 30,502
Swagg 1,461,374 hours 120 hours 22,319
its_iron 1,301,642 hours 236 hours 8,617
HusKerrs 1,192,670 hours 193 hours 10,760
Symfuhny 1,153,772 hours 160 hours 13,818
TeePee 1,015,975 hours 170 hours 27,451
DiazBiffle 730,969 hours 108 hours 14,680
MoonRyde 720,293 hours 193 hours 18,838

Most watched Twitch Warzone streamers (August)

Tim dominated in August before his switch to YouTube Gaming, while Swagg, Recrent, and Iron continued to be dominant forces.

Streamer Watch time Stream time Peak viewers
TimTheTatman 2,300,644 hours 51 hours 120,834
Swagg 1,734,180 hours 120 hours 37,112
Recrent 1,733,841 hours 196 hours 31,675
its_iron 1,451,527 hours 229 hours 9,694
chowh1 1,401,247 hours 207 hours 36,062
Aydan 1,358,568 hours 122 hours 22,195
HusKerrs 1,127,465 hours 161 hours 14,088
Symfuhny 1,059,419 hours 118 hours 15,825
NICKMERCS 898,314 hours 17 hours 103,775
MuTeX 846,972 hours 162 hours 12,628

Stay tuned to find out who the most-watched Warzone Twitch streamers are in December!