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Top 10 most viewed Warzone Twitch streamers: August 2021

Published: 6/Sep/2021 17:42

by Jacob Hale


Despite losing some players to competitors such as Valorant or Apex Legends, Warzone remains one of the most popular games in the world and is still reeling in viewers on Twitch. But which streamers contribute to that the most?

Many top competitors and creators have Warzone to thank for their success online, with both casual and competitive gameplay finding huge viewership on Twitch.

That said, the best Warzone players aren’t always the ones with the most viewers, so while Aydan might dominate the Warzone earnings charts, he doesn’t quite make it as the number one most watched streamer in August.


In fact, for August 2021, that accolade actually goes to someone who no longer even streams on Twitch after switching allegiances…

Most watched Twitch Warzone streamers (August)

Topping the list is new YouTube Gaming streamer TimTheTatman, who enjoyed a seriously fruitful month of August before switching from purple to red. Here’s the full top 10 including the number of hours streamed, viewing hours and peak viewers:

Streamer Watch time Stream time Peak viewers
TimTheTatman 2,300,644 hours 51 hours 120,834
Swagg 1,734,180 hours 120 hours 37,112
Recrent 1,733,841 hours 196 hours 31,675
its_iron 1,451,527 hours 229 hours 9,694
chowh1 1,401,247 hours 207 hours 36,062
Aydan 1,358,568 hours 122 hours 22,195
HusKerrs 1,127,465 hours 161 hours 14,088
Symfuhny 1,059,419 hours 118 hours 15,825
NICKMERCS 898,314 hours 17 hours 103,775
MuTeX 846,972 hours 162 hours 12,628

Despite only 51 hours streamed on Warzone in August according to SullyGnome, TimTheTatman beat out competition from the likes of Swagg, Aydan and NICKMERCS for the top spot.

Missing out on the top 10 includes the likes of Gotaga, TeePee and DiazBiffle, but none of these will be too upset, as they’re still racking up the numbers on their streams and doing comfortably.


TimTheTatman Warzone
TimTheTatman topped the list in August.

With Tim now leaving Twitch for YouTube, it will be interesting to see who takes the Warzone streaming crown on Twitch from September onwards. Will FaZe Clan’s Swagg just naturally move up to the top spot, or will a new Verdansk demon take his place?

Make sure to check back in for the full September list at the end of the month.