Best MX9 Warzone 2 loadout: Class setup, attachments, Perks


The MX9 doesn’t get much love in MW2 multiplayer, but it is a top-tier SMG in Warzone 2. We’ve got the best MX9 loadout for you to try.

Activision designed Warzone 2 with the intention of emphasizing close-quarters combat. WZ2 features multiple small circles in some matches, forcing players to engage in more gunfights. Activision stated that “weapons better for end-game close-combat, SMGs especially, will typically have increased value.”

The developers also pointed out Al Mazrah houses large buildings and structures, perfect for an SMG to clear out. The SMG class dominated Warzone 1 alongside ARs, and the trend appears to continue in WZ2. The Fennec 45, Vaznev-9K, and Lachmann Sub usually come to mind first when thinking about meta SMGs, but the MX9 has every right to be in discussions.

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The underrated close-range weapon boasts a controllable recoil pattern and fast fire rate, making it easy to gun down enemies up close and personal. The MX9 is the perfect partner for a long-range weapon or even great on its own.

Without further ado, here are the best MX9 attachments, Perk Package, and equipment items.


Best MX9 Warzone 2 loadout


  • Barrel: 508mm Rear Guard
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7mW
  • Magazine: 32 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip
  • Comb: FTAC C11 Riser

For our MX9 loadout, we focused on making the weapon as mobile and quick as possible without sacrificing too much recoil control.

First up, the Bruen Q900 Grip and FTAC C11 Riser Comb both increase sprint-to-fire speed and ADS speed while sacrificing a bit of recoil control. Following a similar trend, the VLK LZR 7MW increases ADS speed and sprint to fire speed, but the laser is visible while aiming down sight.

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We recommend using the 508mm Rear Guard Barrel to increase the weapon’s damage range and bullet velocity.

25 rounds per magazine isn’t terrible, but we opted to bump that up a little bit, using a 32 Round Magazine.

Best MX9 Warzone 2 class: Perks & equipment

Perk Package: Weapon Specialist

  • Base Perk 1: Overkill
  • Base Perk 2: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Survivor
  • Lethal: Grenade
  • Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade

Overkill is essential for any SMG loadout. The Perk allows you to carry a second primary weapon, and the MX9 is a perfect partner to a long-range AR or Sniper Rifle.

Next, Strong Arm allows you to be more precise with your throwables and toss them longer distances. On top of that, Spotter ensures you’ll never be caught off guard by enemy equipment, killstreaks, or field upgrades.

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Finally, for the Ultimate Perk, Weapon Specialist uses Survivor, which pings any enemies you get downed by and allows allies to revive you quicker.

Finally, round off the setup with Semtex for flushing opponents out of cover and Flash Grenades for clearing enclosed spaces.

The MX9 deserves more attention in Warzone 2.

How to unlock the MX9 in Warzone 2

The MX9 is unlocked through the STB 556 Weapon Platform, so the first thing to do is reach level 48 to get hold of the Assualt Rifle.

Then, you’ll have to get the STB 556 up to level 13 by playing matches and getting kills.

Best MX9 alternatives in Warzone 2

If the MX9 isn’t necessarily blowing you away, we recommend giving the Vaznev-9K a try. The powerful SMG stands out from the rest as it boasts low recoil and a great fire rate.

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The Vaznev-9K is extremely easy to use and packs a punch up close while still competing in medium-range fights.

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