Aydan’s Warzone curse strikes again as Twitch star gets dev error in another $100K event

Aydan next to Warzone gameplayActivision / YouTube: Aydan

Although he was once the most dominant player in all of Warzone, Aydan just can’t seem to catch a break in 2022 as the Twitch star has once again been hindered by dev errors in yet another six-figure tournament.

When Verdansk was in rotation, Aydan was the top dog for as long as anyone. Previously the highest-earning player overall, his Twitch streams were the place to be during major events if you wanted to see the best POV possible. However, he hasn’t quite had the same string of success in Caldera, especially now nearing the end of its time in the spotlight.

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Just weeks ago in the biggest Warzone event of the year, Activision’s $300,000 World Series of Warzone tournament, Aydan was struck with some bad luck. As the final lobby rolled around, Aydan was booted from the match due to a dev error before he could even jump from the plane.

Unable to help his teammates in the high-stakes event, a competition in which they were performing well up until the final match, “chalked” Aydan’s vibe like nothing else. At the time, this one-off incident seemed to just be some horrible luck but now, the curse has struck once again.

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At the tail end of the $100,000 CDL Resurgence Fortune’s Keep finals on October 16, his game once again crashed due to the infamous dev error. Unfortunately for not only Aydan but his teammates in zSmit and Knight, the Trio was in third place before disaster struck yet again in the final round of action.

“I just dev errored,” Aydan told his teammates upon dropping back into the map and freezing on a loadout drop. Trying to grab his custom class broke the game entirely, leaving his squad down a member when every point was crucial.

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“That’s so crazy,” he said. “You can’t make this up. Every tournament. This game, so good bro. I just don’t even know what to say. We’re definitely not getting first or second but hopefully they can keep us at third.” Ultimately, the remaining duo managed just that and kept Team NYSL on the podium with 175.4 points for a third-place finish.

They fell just 26 points short of Team Envailed in the top spot. Had they remained a Trio and pulled off an impressive final game, their split of the prize would have doubled from $15,000 in third to $30,000 in first.

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“$400,000 worth of tournaments where we are top five and Aydan dev errors,” his teammates zSmit tweeted shortly after. “Last game of the whole tournament both times.

Obviously not an ideal way to wind down the Pacific era of Warzone, Aydan already has his sights set on the future. With Warzone 2 drawing close to its November 16 release, the Subliners talent could be looking to reclaim his spot at the top of Warzone’s highest earners list.

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