How to fix Warzone’s Dev Error 5476 glitch

Call of Duty: Vanguard character in leafy cover holding sniper rifleActivision

Warzone players frequently encounter the Dev Error 5476 glitch, so here’s a temporary way of fixing it.

Coming across different game-breaking issues in Warzone is unfortunately commonplace these days. While some are dealt with quickly, others are far more frustrating to get around. The ‘Dev Error 5476’ glitch is one of Warzone’s latest culprits, leaving players unable to enjoy any of the game’s features.

While an official fix is yet to be implemented, there is a temporary solution that will help you get back into the fight.

How to fix Dev Error 5476 in Call of Duty: Warzone

Before we outline the details of this fix, is it important to note that this currently only works for console players. As this is a workaround from the community, it is likely that an official hotfix will be rolled out by the developers soon. Thanks to YouTuber WhosImmortal, here’s how you can get around Dev Error 5476 in Warzone:

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  1. Load up Warzone on your Xbox Series S|X or PlayStation 4|5 Console on a separate account
  2. Make sure this “dummy” account is one you don’t normally use
  3. Have two controllers available to use
  4. Boot up Warzone on the “dummy” account
  5. Turn on the second controller and log into your main account
  6. Go back onto Warzone
  7. From here you can log in and change your loadouts

WhosImmortal recommends changing your emblem and calling card too, while sticking to Vanguard weapons. Even though the YouTuber’s fix has been successful for many players, it is worth noting that some players may still find issues logging into the game.

The issue seems to stem from using custom blueprints in the game, making it near impossible to access your preferred loadout.

However, this is a temporary workaround and should hopefully get you back into the fiery blaze of Fortune’s Keep in no time.

Raven Software are aware of the issue and will offer an official fix to Warzone players in the near future.

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