Fifakill wins $100K World Series of Warzone 2022 Solo Yolo event: Full NA Final results

World Series of Warzone 2022 graphicActivision

Several months after the last iteration and the World Series of Warzone returned for another round in 2022. This time, a staggering $600,000 was on the line across multiple regions, with Skullface, Mayappo, & Hisoka claiming the biggest prize in North America. Below is a full breakdown of the results, including a look at Fifakill’s Solo Yolo win.

  • Skullface, Mayappo, & Hisoka win NA Finals.
  • Waartex, BBlade, & savyultras win EU Finals.
  • BBlade also won $100K Solo Yolo in EU. Fifakill won $100K Solo Yolo in NA.

For the first time since Caldera replaced Verdansk, the biggest tournament in Warzone made its return. Activision’s high-stakes World Series of Warzone (WSOW) was back in focus for the first time since November.

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The Finals are now in the books, with both the Trios tournaments and the $100k Solo Yolo tournaments in each region changing lives. Waartex, BBlade & savyultras90 won the EU Trios Final, while BBlade also won the EU Solo Yolo competition.

Meanwhile in NA, Skullface, Mayappo, & Hisoka won the $300K Trios Finals while Fifakill won the subsequent $100K Solo Yolo.

If you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered with a full rundown below.

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World Series of Warzone 2022: NA Results (Top 10)

PlacementTeamPointsPrize Money
1st Skullface, Mayappo, & Hisoka130$50,000
2nd Biffle, Repullze, & SuperEvan106$30,000
3rd Torronix, Empathy & Braxtvn92.5$20,000
4thzSmit, Envailed, & Aydan76.5$15,000
5thShadedStep, OPMarked, & yeet76$12,500
6thaHTracT, Stukawaki, & zColorss73.5$10,000
7thTommey, Almond, & newbz71.5$8,000
8thNickool, picNICK, & XenoN66$7,000
9th Gyrodabest, Colony2k, & WatchWaldo62$6,000
10thLiambeams, Deniro, & ClassicPain61$5,500

World Series of Warzone NA: Solo Yolo

In a lobby filled with Riot Shield campers and full-time truck drivers, it was none other than Fifakill who came out on top. A handful of crucial gunfight wins in the final moments secured the historic win.

Scump made a solid run but ultimately got shot in the back, failing to repeat his iconic victory from the first Solo Yolo. Meanwhile, the likes of Aydan, Swagg, and Rated, all made it deep into the lobby but couldn’t quite finish the job.

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World Series of Warzone 2022: EU Results (Top 10)

PlacementTeamPointsPrize Money
1st Waartex, BBlade & savyultras9081.5$50,000
2nd AyzenLR, iheedz & Gromalok 81$30,000
3rd Enxiun, Patzukka & stewo74$20,000
4thoekiy, Jukeyz & Lenun72$15,000
5thTheShowStopp3r, Suedzz & KingAJ70$12,500
6thPace TG7, Pierce CoD & ShuKzNorris 68$10,000
7thMimque, Jaxvy & Toothy66$8,000
8thTony Wh1te, xSw33zy & Dandaman3164$7,000
9th peLuka, tojoR & Flexz62.5$6,000
10thKayzahR, Fuzzn & cPentagon61$5,500

World Series of Warzone EU: Solo Yolo

120 competitors entered, but only one left $100,000 richer in the EU Solo Yolo competition. BBlade miraculously followed up his Trio victory and won in pulsating fashion.

The EU Warzone player earned over $116,000 from six games of Warzone, potentially going down in history as one of the best Warzone performances ever.

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World Series of Warzone 2022 format

After a few weeks of qualifiers, some marred by cheating scandals and major technical difficulties, the online qualifiers saw 20 teams qualify to join the 20 invited teams in each region.

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40 trios will then jump into Caldera and juke it out through five matches, earning points through both kills and placement. Here’s how the scoring system works:

  • 1 kill = 1 point
  • 1st place = 2x multiplier
  • 2nd-15th place = 1.5x multiplier
  • 16th-40th place = No multiplier

For a bit of fun at the end, the iconic SoloYolo competition is also making a return. Top talent in both regions will be fighting in this winner-takes-all round with $100,000 at stake, immediately after the Trios tournament.

World Series of Warzone 2022 streams

No different from last year, the 2022 WSOW event was broadcast live on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. While individual players were also streaming their own POVs too, this central hub was the best way to keep on top of the action as it unfolded. We’ve embedded it here so you can catch up on the VOD.

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$300K World Series of Warzone 2022: Players & Teams

With qualifiers out of the way, 40 teams in each region were locked in. Here are some of the teams we saw dropping into the NA and EU finals.

NA WSOW Finals teams

These are some of the key teams to look out for in the North America tournament:

  • Apathy, Slacked, Flanked
  • Swagg, LuckyChamu, Booya
  • BBreadman, JoeWo, Fifakill
  • Tdawg, Censor, Nero
  • Rated, Shifty, Ottereyes
  • TimTheTatman, Scump, Methodz
  • HusKerrs, UnRational, ScummN
  • Aydan, Enveiled, Zsmit
  • ZLaner, Sage, Destroy
  • SuperEvan, Repullze, Biffle
  • Tommey, Almond, Newbz

EU WSOW Finals teams

These were some of the key teams to look out for in the Europe tournament:

  • Jukeyz, Lenin, Oekiy
  • WarsZ, Primzvh, Prxdigy
  • Vapulear, Abwizz, Omit Jr
  • BennyCentral, Jaff, Qwiker
  • ImAngelikaa, Zachar, Pikaczuu
  • Chowh1, 1Odier, Mystktv
  • Emz, Kai, Geodaub
  • Kayzahr, Cpentagon, Fuzzn
  • MethodzSick, Camzzz17, LouiCM
  • Moonryde, Berritv, Paralize