Team Envailed wins $100K CDL Resurgence Fortune’s Keep tournament: Final results

Jacob Hale
CDL Resurgence Fortune's Keep 100k tournament

The Call of Duty League hosted another $100,000 Resurgence tournament on Warzone map Fortune’s Keep, with trios dropping in to represent the top teams in CoD. In the end, Team Envailed squeaked out a win over the fierce competition.

In April 2022, the CDL hosted a $100k Resurgence tournament on Rebirth Island, with LA Guerrillas taking home the trophy thanks to solid plays throughout from Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov, Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas, Gavin ‘UnRationaL’ Ackley, and Scummn.

The CDL Resurgence tournament made its return in October 2022, with 16 trios taking to Fortune’s Keep for the grand final.

It was a grueling two days that saw huge upsets, shocking controversies, and a wealth of mindblowing gameplay from the most talented players in the world. At the end of the day, Team Envailed (made up of Envailed, Sage, and Clamp) were the victors, but their road to the $30,000 prize wasn’t an easy one.

Here’s how it all went down.

CDL Fortune’s Keep Resurgence $100k results

The eight qualifying teams from each group faced off in one final eight-map $100,000 battle.

Here’s the list of the final 16 squads:

The first two matches of the Grand Final were absolutely dominated by Team Braxtvn who picked up consecutive wins to kick off the show. Whether it was through a heads up stim play or some absolute laser beaming gunplay, the squad got off to the hottest start possible.

Game 3 saw quite the shakeup as it was the LA Thieves squad, who had struggled in the first two maps, fighting their way back into the winner’s circle. It was a similar story for Game 4 as Toronto Ultra also notched a much-needed win.

Game 5 was a busy one and even teams that weren’t showcased on the broadcast absolutely popped off. Both Seattle Surge and Las Vegas Legion had monstrous games, but yet again it was Team Braxtvn swooping that 2x multiplier away from everyone else.

Despite having three wins under their belts, the squad is still a ways out from first place thanks to the relatively low number of kills despite their otherwise clutch performances.

Fortune's Keep CDL Resurgence Drop 5
The standings after Drop 5.

Drop Six was the game where Team Envailed’s high-kill performances was finally complemented by their placing, as the team outlasted everyone else, winning the match nearly the same way the did in their Semi Finals win where they spoiled OpTic Gaming’s run and cemented their place at the top heading into the final two games.

Drop 7 was another huge run for Team Envailed, but they were still upstaged by a 50-point win from Las Vegas Legion who controlled the entirety of the endgame by taking over the center of the map and keeping the pressure high with coordinated 3-man pushes.

That win left Legion with 188 points, while Envailed follows closely behind at 180.6.

Fortune's Keep Resurgence Drop 7 results
The second-to-last drop saw Las Vegas Legion leapfrog the competition.

Drop 8 was a chaotic one that saw Team EBatez nab a much needed win to move higher up in the Top 8, but the all eyes were on the top of the overall leaderboard.

Both Las Vegas Legion and Team Envailed dropped out much earlier than the previous games, but all in all, Envailed, Sage, and Clamp ended up locking up the #1 spot and securing the $30,000 top prize.

CDL Resurgence Semi Finals Group A results

Group A Results of CDL Resurgence Semi Finals A
The final standings of Group A semi finals.

The first game of the five-map marathon was a barnburner that never seemed secure for one team but was ultimately squeezed out by Gyrodabest and Co.

Game 2 had a few moments were control went back and forth to different squads, but ultimately it was LA Thieves who pulled away thanks to a few clever rotational plays at the end of the game.

Game 3 was ultimately quite slow and methodical and ended up being stolen away from LAG when Team Smixie managed to slide in with perfect timing and clean up the final fight.

The penultimate game was never really in question as Team Biffle, led by the man himself, absolutely dominated the lobby and put up a 46-point performance going into the final game of the semi finals.

Game 5 was maybe the most chaotic finish of them all, but with their backs against the wall, the former CDL Rebirth champions LAG managed to clutch up a massive 3v3 fight to come out on top, ultimately securing their spot in the Grand Finals along the way.

Semi Finals B results

The first game of the second group kicked off with teams being a little cautious, each team playing slowly and attempting to catch the other squads out in the open, but it was ultimately Team Envailed claiming the victory at the end of the day.

It was a different story in Game 2 as the pace increased drastically from the first outing. It came down to a number of solos at the end of the game, and Ahtract completely dominated the endgame to secure a dub for Team Bloo. He collected the final three kills of the game by holding high ground and lasering the competition to close things out, putting them in a good spot heading into the final three games.

Game 3 kept the pace up as well, with NYSL walking away with a 39 point game even without winning, but it was the TBE/ROKKR representatives who locked up the win with a 12 kill performance of their own, earning them 24 points overall.

CDL Resurgence results
The results after Drop 3 of Group B.

The trend of a new winner taking each game continued in Game 4 as Team Eyeqew clutched out maybe the most chaotic final rotation of any game of the day, and their 18-kill jumped them out of 11th place and set them up inside the Top 8 heading into the last game.

The final game took the crown for Most Chaotic across all ten maps of the semi-finals. Ultimately, it was Team Clumsy’s Kurect that outlasted the competition, but the bigger story was the bold strategy of Flxnked to take a helicopter into the last two rotations, and staying above the fight, ultimately earning enough placement points to push his squad over Rokkr and into the Top 8.

CDL Resurgence Fortune’s Keep $100k stream & schedule

The Semis and Finals of the tournament were held across two days, from October 15-16.

Matches started at 12pm PT (3 pm ET/8 pm BST) each day, with each part of the tournament taking place at the following times:

  • Semi-Final A — Saturday, October 15 at 12pm PT (3 pm ET/8 pm BST)
  • Semi-Final B — Saturday, October 15 at 2.30 pm PT (5.30 pm ET/10.30 pm BST)
  • Final — Sunday, October 16 at 12pm PT (3 pm ET/8 pm BST)

CDL Resurgence Fortune’s Keep $100k format

Each Semi-Final saw 16 teams drop into Fortune’s Keep: eight CDL teams, six qualifiers, and two Activision invites. The top eight teams from each Semi then qualified for the Finals.

Teams earned points to qualify for the final based on two criteria: kills and placement. Here’s how the points system was structured:

  • 1 kill = 1 point
  • Placement Multiplier
    • 1st = 2x Points
    • 2nd – 4th = 1.8x Points
    • 5th – 7th = 1.6x Points
    • 8th – 10th = 1.4x Points
    • 11th – 13th = 1.2x Points
    • 14th – 16th = 1x Points

CDL Resurgence Fortune’s Keep $100k teams & prize pool

There were plenty of familiar faces taking part in this one, with multiple CDL pros and former competitors joining in on the fun. Of course, Warzone mainstays like HusKerrs, Tommey, and Biffle are also on board.

Atlanta FaZeSwagg, Booya, LuckyChamuMinnesota RØKKRAlmond, Tommey, Newbz
Boston BreachExzachtt, Phantomz, FraewayNew York SublinersAydan, zSmit, Knight
Florida MutineersBrack, MajorManiak, HavokOpTic TexasZLaner, Destroy, Oakley
London Royal RavensJukeyz, Lenun, ShiftySeattle SurgeJoeWo, bbreadman, WarsZ
LA GuerrillasHusKerrs, UnRationaL, ScummnToronto UltraNickool, Xenon, Picnick
LA ThievesRated, Apathy, SlackedVegas LegionMayappo, Skullface, Hisoka
Team BiffleBiffle, SuperEvan, RepullzeTeam StrixyStrixy, Bulieve, ForeignJase
Team Gyrodabest Gyrodabest, Colony2k, WaldoTeam KrinkzKrinkz, Rampage, Vetroxi
Team SulitifySulitify, Clinkslays, PANDATeam Jony2kJony2k, Huntisity, Cam
Team zColorssStukawaki, Deniro, zColorssTeam SmixieSmixie, Grevey, Sitrehp
Team EBatezEBatez, Djmas23, ProspectTeam XtraJDisgrazze, Mirrey, XtraJ
Team BraxtvnBraxtvn, Braalik, EmpathyTeam NadiaNadia, Flxnked, Intechs
Team EyeqewEyeqew, Validhands, ArrayyzTeam DuhveraFinessen, Duhvera, Advanced
Team BlooFaZe Bloo, Ahtract, ZeptiTeam DriftsDrifts, Clowhn, Lonerdd
Team EnvailedEnvailed, Sage, ClampTeam ScriptehhDrippyplays, Scriptehh, LGTrizzy
Team ClumzyClumzy, Ryda, KurectTeam SkyrozzSkyrozz, TheHoboo, Gromalok

The top eight teams in the tournament will be placing in the money, with the winners taking home $30,000, or $10,000 per player. Here’s the full prize pool breakdown:

  • 1st: $30,000
  • 2nd: $21,000
  • 3rd: $15,000
  • 4th: $12,000
  • 5th: $9,000
  • 6th: $6,000
  • 7th: $4,000
  • 8th: $3,000
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