Warzone stars Aydan & ZLaner hit with dev errors during $300K World Series of Warzone event

Brad Norton
Warzone gameplay with dev error sign

This year’s $300,000 World Series of Warzone tournament didn’t quite go to plan for some of the scene’s top stars like Aydan and ZLaner, as developer errors hard-crashed their games in the final lobby.

Dev errors in Warzone are a tale as old as time. We’ve seen countless variations over the years but when they strike, it’s almost guaranteed your game is set to crash. In some instances they simply boot you to the main menu, in others, the application freezes altogether, requiring a forced reboot.

While it’s frustrating enough dealing with dev errors on an average day, no one wants to see them in the midst of big events. Unfortunately, such was the case on September 7 during one of the biggest events of the year, Activision’s $300K World Seris of Warzone finals.

Despite a solid performance across the first few maps, Aydan’s Trio ultimately had their momentum derailed in the final game. Before they could even drop in, Aydan was forced to close his game.

Immediately notifying the event admins, Aydan pleaded for a quick restart given the match had only just begun. “I’m trying to get them to reset,” he explained on stream. “They said they’re looking into it but the longer we wait, the worse it’s looking.”

After a few minutes of silence, the worst was confirmed. Admins decided against restarting, forcing the remainder of the match to play out with Aydan’s Trio down a member.

“They said they’re not gonna reset it. I’m actually so depressed after that,” he said. “Not even because of the money, I care about my teammates. I know that it means a lot to them so for me to not be in the last game helping, it hurts. I don’t even want to play in the solo game anymore, my whole vibe is chalked.”

Making matters worse in this final lobby of the day, Aydan wasn’t the only unlucky player. OpTic’s own ZLaner was also hit with a similar dev error in the middle of the match.

“$300,000 tournament & I’m dev erroring after I hit my loadout on last game,” he shared on Twitter moments after he was booted from the map. Suggesting a workaround moving forward, ZLaner pitched a long-requested reconnect feature, one that would “combat” the issue of dev errors during high-stakes events like this.

When all was said and done, Aydan, zSmit, and Envailed still managed to finish in fourth place overall, despite the rough final lobby. Meanwhile, ZLaner, Destroy, and Sage finished in 12th with 59 points total.

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