All Caldera map changes in Warzone Pacific Season 4: Storage Town, new drought, more

Brad Norton
Warzone Pacific Season 4 Caldera gameplay

Six months since its arrival, Caldera is now in store for its biggest shakeup yet as the Warzone Pacific Season 4 update is set to not only restore classic POIs, but also tweak over a dozen existing locales. Here’s a full rundown of every map change on the way.

While Caldera has been the subject of some gradual tune-ups in recent months, developers are finally going all-out with widespread changes now confirmed for the Season 4 patch.

From classic Verdansk POIs making their mark on the island, to a drought clearing up a vast majority of water on the map, there’s plenty changing across Caldera in the game’s next major update.

So before you drop in, be sure to brush up on every map change coming as part of Season 4 with our breakdown below.

Storage Town POI in Caldera
Storage Town is the first POI from Verdansk to enter Caldera, and it might not be the last.

Storage Town jumps from Verdansk to Caldera

Headlining the list of changes in Season 4 is the surprise return of Storage Town. Once a popular drop spot in Verdansk, this iconic layout will soon be found in Caldera.

Located between Mines, Airfield, Village, and Dig Site, the location remains almost identical to how experienced players remember it in its original appearance. Though that’s not to say everything is just as it once was.

Given its placement on the map, neighboring POIs will find new vantage points to look over Storage Town, making for an easier rotation compared to its previous spot in Verdansk. Expect this to be one of the most active locations in Caldera throughout Season 4.

Existing POI changes across Caldera

Alongside the returning Storage Town, much of Caldera’s existing landscape is also set to change in Season 4. First and foremost, players will be delighted to hear that visibility is drastically improving with the removal of a vast majority of foliage on the island.

This means it’ll be easier to spot enemies from a distance, avoid being gunned down by unseen foes, and generally make rotations less of a hassle.

Moreover, Caldera’s underground bunkers containing high-tier loot now have an extra step involved. Rather than simply waltzing in like usual, players will now have to find a rare Key Card in order to access one of the seven bunkers.

Beyond those general tweaks, a range of specific POI changes have also been announced for the Season 4 update. Here’s what you can expect.


Warzone Capital changes in Season 4
Capital in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

New bridges connect various rooftops throughout the Capital POI, allowing for quick transitions, rather than having to drop down and climb back up.

Dig Site

Dig Site in in Warzone Pacific Season 4
Dig Site in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

When this POI arrived last season, enormous skeletons were littered across the zone. Thanks to a “successful excavation”, they’re now gone, leading to a more open area than before.


Arsenal in Warzone Pacific Season 4.
Arsenal in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

What once was an enormous gap and effectively a death trap in Arsenal now hosts a new ship containing a wealth of loot.


Peak in Warzone Pacific Season 4.
Peak in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

Following on from upgrades in Season 3, Peak is in line for a few minor tweaks in the form of a few new staircases for easier traversal. Additionally, players will now find an all-new industrial area just below Peak, making for a great alternative to the hot drop spot.

Gondola Station

Gondola Station in Warzone Pacific Season 4.
Gondola Station in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

Here you’ll find not only a new incline path to help with traversal, but also a few military tents with bonus loot.

Rivers drying up across Docks, Fields, Radio Station, Factory, and Village

Warzone Caldera map in season 4
A number of POIs have been impacted by the drought in Caldera.

As a result of a drought across Caldera, water surrounding a number of existing POIs is drying up, providing access to a whole new zones.

While that’s a full look at every change coming to Caldera at the start of Season 4, there’s still plenty more crammed into the latest patch. Be sure to brush up on all the latest including new weapons, playlists, and even the Fortune’s Keep map.