How Warzone’s Golden Plunder LTM works: New BR mode explained


Warzone Season 4 is bringing a treasure trove of changes to the game. One of the more notable updates is the addition of the new Golden Plunder mode which puts a new twist on an old favorite. Here’s how the new BR mode is different from its predecessor. 

Plunder has been a staple game mode in the Warzone scene since the earliest days of the game.

It has seen a number of different variations over the years, including being played on different maps, but they’ve all held the same core gameplay in mind.

That’s the case this time around as well, with Golden Plunder once again making some changes to the gameplay but never abandoning the fan-favorite concept.

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What is Golden Plunder in Warzone?

Warzone Plunder modeActivision
You’ve got to move quick and think fast when evading enemies in Plunder.

If you’ve ever played the other Blood Money games in Warzone than you’ll be familiar with the concept at work.

Players are expected to collect cash and deposit it into their stash across the course of the game.

This can be done either by picking it up from drops around the map or by killing players and taking the loot they have yet to store away for themselves.

In Golden Plunder there are a few more mechanics at play though. Not only do the standard rules apply, but there are 20 more players on the map than before.

In addition to that, broken ATMs around the map will be spewing out money that eager teams can cash in on. This is an infinite supply, but will likely be heavily contested by other teams, meaning the action will be running rampant in these spaces.

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Another big supply of cash is the ultra rare Golden Keycard, which will give crafty players a chance to go inside bunkers hidden around the map of and collect some big value prizes.

How do you win Golden Plunder?

Warzone Plunder Game Mode Permanent Return Replace Clash Payload Season 6 With Logo FinalActivision
It’s all about securing the goods and staying alive in each incarnation of Plunder.

The winner is decided according to which team was able to retain the most cash at the end of the game, with $5,000,000 being the target goal this time around.

Players also drop more cash on-death in this mode, so collecting kills is more valuable than ever when trying to lock in a W or steal one away from the competition.

That’s everything you need to know about Golden Plunder!

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