Everything in Warzone Pacific Season 4: Release date, Fortune’s Keep map, Caldera changes

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Warzone Pacific Season 4 cover art

Warzone Pacific Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune is the next major update locked for the hit Call of Duty battle royale and it’s set to be a can’t-miss patch. From an entirely new map in Fortunte’s Keep to a range of new weapons, modes, and features, there’s plenty on the horizon.

Seven months removed from Warzone’s jump to the Pacific and we’re already fast approaching the fourth seasonal update. Following up on one of the biggest crossovers to date, as Godzilla & Kong drew mixed reactions in Season 3, the next patch is looking to keep players hooked in the leadup to Warzone 2.

With seemingly just a few months left until the transition, the game’s Pacific era is quickly winding down. Exactly how Caldera’s chapter will come to a close remains to be seen, but Mercenaries of Fortune is already being teased as one of the more significant updates thus far.

From a brand new BR map, just the fourth in Warzone’s brief history, to a wide array of new gameplay features, weapons, and more, here’s everything you need to know about the Warzone Pacific Season 4 update.


Warzone Pacific Season 4 roadmap
Warzone Pacific Season 4 is chock-full of new content and features.

Warzone Pacific Season 4: Release date

The next season of Warzone is set to kick off at 9AM PT on Wednesday, June 22, after the conclusion of the current season’s battle pass.

Season 3 got underway on April 27 and was soon followed by Season 3 Reloaded on May 25. Following the cadence for major updates every four weeks, we can safely expect Season 4 Reloaded to come rolling about a month after the new release as well. 

New Fortune’s Keep map revealed for Season 4

For just the fourth time in Warzone history, an entirely new map is on the way in Season 4. Multiple teasers on social media quickly led to the full reveal of Fortune’s Keep.

We’ve now seen a quick tour of the map thanks to the Season 4 teaser trailer that was released on June 14, and it seems like players are in for more close-quarters chaos in the various buildings of the Keep.

Below is a full overhead view of the map along with a breakdown of every new POI.

Warzone Fortunte's Keep map
A full look at the new Fortune’s Keep map arriving in Warzone Season 4.

Fortune’s Keep POIs:

  • Overlook
  • Town
  • Graveyard
  • Terraces
  • Keep
  • Gatehouse
  • Grotto
  • Smuggler’s Cove
  • Bay
  • Winery
  • Camp
  • Lighthouse

After some early confusion, we now know for certain that Fortune’s Keep will serve as a third map in rotation alongside Caldera and Rebirth. Rather than replacing the latter, as many feared, the two smaller maps will simply alternate over the coming weeks, with Fortune’s Keep kicking things off for the season.

Warzone Pacific Season 4: Caldera map changes

As previously teased in an interview with Dexerto sister site Charlie IntelSeason 4 is set to bring “one of the biggest shifts Caldera has had since launch.”

Headlining the changes is the return of an iconic POI as Storage Town makes the leap from Verdansk to Caldera. Placed between Mines, Airfield, Village, and Dig Site, this classic POI is set to feature mostly as experienced players remember, though with some added verticality due to its position on the island.

Warzone Caldera Storage Town gameplay
Players will be able to get a hit of nostalgia by dropping back into Storage Town once again.

On top of Storage Town, over a dozen existing POIs across Caldera are being tweaked to some degree.

Some will have new pathways, others will see improved sightlines, while a handful may even feature new Mercenary Vaults for players to investigate.

New weapons arriving in Warzone Pacific Season 4

Thanks to the full Season 4 roadmap, we know to expect four unique weapons throughout the next update. As usual, two are set to launch day and date with Season 4 while the remaining two will arrive later down the line, likely as part of the mid-season patch.

Warzone Season 4 gameplay
Four unique weapons throughout Season 4 are set to keep players on their toes.

Both the Marco 5 SMG and UGM-8 LMG are launching first through the Season 4 Battle Pass while the Vargo-S Assault Rifle and Push Dagger Melee Weapon are set to join a few weeks later.

Four new game modes throughout Season 4

To keep things fresh for another season, four distinct playlists are on the way throughout Season 4. Up first is a Resurgence mode for the new Fortune’s Keep map, followed by a Golden Plunder LTM at launch. While Resurgence works just the same as before, allowing you to respawn after a set amount of time, this new Plunder mode ramps up the difficulty with a higher player count, new ATMs, along with rare Golden Keycards.

Later in the season, these playlists are expected to be joined by two further additions. Titanium Trials: Endurance and Rebirth of the Dead are both listed as in-season updates, for better or worse, meaning we’re sure to see them near the halfway point.

Fresh gameplay features on the way: SUV, EMP Grenade, more

Also on the way in Season 4 is a range of new gameplay features and equipment. From the Armored SUV to a direct counter with the EMP Grenade, there’s plenty in store to shake up the meta.

Warzone Season 4 Armored SUV gameplay
The new Armored SUV is sure to be an intimidating force on Caldera in Season 4.

As part of the newly upgraded SUV vehicle, players will find a rooftop turret seat along with a handy Nitro Boost feature to get out of trouble.

Among the new additions is even a Portable Redeploy tool, allowing you to launch from just about anywhere on the map for a swift rotation.


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