What is Cash Extraction Event on new Warzone map Fortune’s Keep?

Cash Extraction balloons on Fortune's KeepActivision

It’s time for Season 4 to bring big changes to Warzone and Fortune’s Keep is doing just that with the Cash Extraction event.

Fortune’s Keep arrives with Season 4 of Warzone and will bring a whole new flavor to the Resurgence mode. Offering a distinctly different experience from Rebirth Island, these original Cash Extraction events are just one way the smuggler’s paradise sets itself apart.

The new arena brings players to a Mediterranean hideout to battle for both money and honor. This fresh battlefield won’t be exactly like the ones of the BR’s past though.

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Alongside the addition of a new type of supply run contract — the Black Market Run — Cash Extractions give players yet another chance to get a leg up on the competition.

Cash Extraction Event on Fortune’s Keep explained

Cash Extraction event in Warzone's Fortune Keep mapActivision
Fortune’s Keep is a new canvas for Warzone players and has some unique offerings to make the game exciting.

Players will notice these new events happening multiple times a match on Fortune’s Keep. A gold circle will appear on the map (as well as a flare, like with the old Contraband Contracts) marking the exfil spot for NPC mercenaries to gather dump their money.

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There are five enemies to take out to start the event but reinforcements will come as the fight lingers on.

The Warzone Cash Extraction event has three possible endings:

  1. Players collect all the money from the deposit bag.
  2. The helicopter holding the bag is destroyed.
  3. Enough time passes that the mercs get away safely. 

After one of those conclusions is reached, the game state will return to normal until it’s time for another extraction.

All of this highlights the main difference between Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth, which is that money is king in this new arena.

Between these events, the arrival of the expensive-and-illicit Black Market supply runs, and the fact that there are piles of gold just sitting around waiting to be collected, the Mercenaries of Fortune season will really live up to the name.

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