Warzone players still furious with Caldera visibility ruining their matches

Warzone Pacific character looking over her shoulderActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have, again, hit out at the game over blatant visibility issues in Caldera, claiming the inability to see enemies is getting them eliminated. 

Despite the anticipation many had for Caldera and Warzone Pacific, it’s fair to say that the majority of the Warzone community has been left underwhelmed by the transition to a sun-soaked jungle environment.

Glitches and bugs have been so prevalent that Activision have apologized and developers Raven have admitted the game is so ‘bloated’ that isolating fixes is nigh on impossible. 

Now, players are criticizing the game’s map design and color palette, claiming that locating enemies in the greenery is far more difficult than it was in Verdansk’s urban environment.

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Warzone Peak gameplayActivision
Caldera debuted soon after the release of Vanguard, with a vibrant tropical setting to explore.

Player ‘ant8752‘ criticized the game’s map and colors, saying “It’s f**king impossible to spot enemies”.

They also hit out at the map’s design, saying that the number of positions and levels players can access make it even more difficult to know where enemies are, and encourage ‘camping’.

They continued: “Seriously whose idea was it to put 100 possible levels where an enemy could be? Whose idea was it to put every POI on the outskirts of the map? Whose idea was it to put 100,000 trees on the map? Whose idea was it to put 10000000 cracks and crevices where people could hide? Seriously is there any counterplay to this sh*t than to just camp?”

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Plenty of players echoed the comments, with one joking: “I agree with you 100%. Hell, when I’m watching a streamer and they are like “there’s a guy right there,” I’m staring at my screen like, “where the f**k are you talking about.”

Other players also hit out at texture bugs, with Caldera and Rebirth Island’s failure to load properly making enemy conspicuity even harder.

Raven are yet to respond to the problems but, with Warzone 2 confirmed as in the pipeline and being developed by Infinity Ward, fans can rest assured that a return to a different environment is coming.

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