5 World at War maps that should be added to CoD Vanguard

James Busby
CoD World at War US soldier firing a Thompson SMG

CoD Vanguard has brought back the classic Dome, Castle, and Sub Pens maps from World at War, but what other gritty battlefields should make a return? 

With a total of 20 maps at launch, CoD Vanguard players aren’t exactly lacking in virtual battlefields to run and gun in. While the likes of Numa Numa and Das House continue to be popular choices amongst the game’s community, there are a number of classic maps from World at War that would be perfect picks for Vanguard. 

So far, Sledgehammer has wowed fans with its faithful remakes of Dome, Castle, and Sub Pens. These maps have returned in their full glory and work brilliantly with Vanguard’s quicker TTK, ballistic system, and destructible environments.

However, there are still plenty of WaW maps that desperately need to make a return, so we’ve covered five of the best entries we hope to see added in the future.

5. Cliffside

Cliffside bunkers in World at War
Cliffside would be the perfect map for long-range engagements.

Cliffside is a Pacific-themed map, but unlike Makin, this battle takes place on the craggy cliffs of Okinawa. The map is incredibly open and features plenty of long sightlines that are perfect for sniper and AR gameplay. There’s no denying how popular Cliffside would be for those looking to complete longshot challenges and secure montage-worthy headshots.

For those that prefer the snappy gunplay of SMGs and shotguns, there are a number of bunkers that are dotted around the cliff. Using smoke to cover your movements and darting between cover may not be for everyone, but beating a team of snipers with aggressive flanking maneuvers is what makes this map so satisfying.

4. Outskirts

Buildings in World at War's Outskirts map
Outskirts would greatly benefit from Vanguard’s Blitz combat pacing.

Outskirts is one of the biggest maps in World at War. The map is set in a bombed-out city and features numerous buildings, bridges, and pathways that can be used to flank your foes. The sheer size of this map would be perfect for Vanguard’s more chaotic Blitz mode, which puts an emphasis on creating target-rich environments. 

The increased player count would make this map feel like a truly chaotic battle filled with nonstop urban action. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Outskirts famously featured two tanks, which helped break up the onslaught of infantry soldiers. With so many sightlines and flanking routes, Outskirts is certainly not for the faint of heart.

3. Upheaval

Destroyed buildings in World at War's Upheaval map
Upheaval provides plenty of close to medium-range firefight opportunities.

Upheaval takes place in the German town of Pankow, a suburb found at the edge of Berlin. It was here where the Red Army and Wehrmacht soldiers battled it out in urban firefights, which saw both sides set up positions in the two-story houses that are scattered around the map. 

Featuring clusters of bombed-out cars, bullet-ridden walls, three sniper towers, and open grassy areas – Upheaval is the perfect place for some gritty action. While Upheaval was often filled with pesky campers, we think Vanguard’s added destructibility could provide some much-needed balance to this old-school map.

2. Asylum

The courtyard section of World at War's Asylum map
Asylum has plenty of sections that could make use of Vanguard’s new destructible system.

With its long corridors and large open courtyard sections, Asylum is just begging to be added to Vanguard. This would make it perfect for those that enjoy finding sightlines to line up multiple kills with ARs, LMGs, or Sniper Rifles. There are also plenty of devious flanking routes players can use to ambush their enemies. 

Whether it’s sneaking underneath the decaying building or charging headfirst through the courtyard, there are numerous ways to break through your enemies’ defenses. Asylum is already home to plenty of broken windows and crumbling walls, so Vanguard’s destruction system would be right at home here.

1. Makin

One of the wooden huts in World at War's Makin map
The day and night versions of Makin offer different playstyles.

Set in the coastal area of Japan, Makin is known for its close to medium-range battles. The beach-based map consists of wooden huts and walkways that players can duke it out in, while the shallows surrounding the western section of the map can be navigated to gain access to the enemies’ spawn. 

A lone watcher tower looms over the sea and was often used by snipers to stop the enemy team from running across the wooden bridges. If crossing this section of the map wasn’t possible, allied players could sneak under the huts or loop around the eastern section of the map to deliver a deadly surprise. 

To make matters even better, Makin also came in two different versions: Makin night and Makin day. While the darker iteration of the map provided the perfect cover for sneaky shenanigans, the daylight version made engagements that much more bloody.

Whether Sledgehammer Games adds any more World at War maps to Vanguard remains to be seen, but we hope to see a few of these classic battlefields return in the future.

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