CoD Vanguard players call for removal of “terrible” bloom mechanic

Sam Comrie
CoD Vanguard gameplay

The controversial bloom mechanic was a complete surprise to players in Call of Duty vanguard, and now, some players are already asking for it to be removed.

Call of Duty: Vanguard continues the franchise with a jump back to World War 2, but with some significant changes to multiplayer.

And, as always, the competitive scene is as fiery as ever. Even if the aesthetic has changed, players still go into each entry in hopes of sampling the franchise famous multiplayer. Unfortunately, Vanguard’s multiplayer may not have gotten off to the best start, as the implementation of a bloom mechanic has divided fans.

Now, the demand for its removal has grown in intensity.

vanguard operator desert trench
Vanguard dropped on November 5.

Fans blast “terrible” bloom mechanic

The addition of bloom in first-person shooters has existed for years, but for Call of Duty fans, it may seem like an odd addition to the franchise. Bloom (also known as weapon bloom) refers to the trajectory of a weapon’s accuracy, adding an element of unpredictability to the firing line.

Traditionally, players that would aim down their sight could expect their bullets to line up exactly where they shot. Other factors such as weapon choice and stability can affect bloom too. “This is currently ruining my experience” Reddit user MetalingusMike noted while venting their frustration.

“The mix of bloom, netcode, and low ttk make for some terrible feeling gunfights in an otherwise amazing feeling MP” another commenter said, who still sees the potential in Vanguard.

Bloom’s inclusion is definitely hitting the wrong notes with more infuriated players: “It’s horrendous. Just another form of SBMM to lower the skill gap. Go on a streak and boom BLOOM kicks in and you can’t hit a shot to save your life.”

The mechanic wasn’t addressed officially before the release of Vanguard, so it remains to be seen whether any potential updates will appease fans.

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