100T’s Tommey reveals the “pro” XM4 Warzone class loadout dominating tournaments

tommey xm4 warzone 2Twitter, @Tommey / Activision

The Black Ops Cold War’s XM4 has become the go-to Warzone secondary of choice for several of the top players, including the likes of 100 Thieves’ Tommey, who was kind enough to reveal the attachments and class setup he’s using with the assault rifle.

After the MAC-10 got nerfed, we’ve seen gun after gun get converted from being an assault rifle in Black Ops Cold War to a quasi-submachine gun in Warzone. First, it was the dominant FFAR 1, but, following that gun’s Season 3 nerfs, the meta has moved on and secondaries have opened up.

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While the AK-47 and FARA 83 were the first Cold War ARs to gain prominence as SMG-like secondaries, the XM4 is now seemingly overtaking both. Most notably, up-and-coming Warzone streamer ‘newbz’ was rocking the gun as he won the $20,000 TeeP’s Trials tournament on April 29.

Different streamers have tested out different versions of the XM4, but Tommey’s is a strong foundation to work with. Here, we’ll share the 100T Warzone pro’s best loadout for the XM4, followed by some tweaks you can make to it based on players like Zlaner, newbz, and Diaz Biffle.

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Tommey’s XM4 SMG Warzone class loadout

Like the FARA and AK-47 secondary builds, Tommey’s XM4 emphasizes mobility while maintaining high damage. Of course, he recommends pairing the gun with a long-range primary like the CR-56 AMAX.

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor 
  • Barrel: 13.5” Task Force
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: 45 Rnd
  • Stock: Raider Pad

As Tommey explains, his main issue with the FARA as a secondary is that “it really did feel like you were using a Main AR as a secondary.” Meanwhile, with this XM4, “it sort of feels like an SMG … you actually feel quite fast.”

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But, even then, there are some tweaks you can make to it to amplify mobility over range or even prioritize different types of mobility (e.g. ADS speed over movement speed, or vice versa).

As far as adjustments go, different streamers go in different directions — but all keep the Task Force Barrel and Raider Pad Stock.

Zlaner prefers a Serpent Wrap Rear Grip over Field Agent and joins newbz in opting for a 60-round mag instead of 45. Newbz and Diaz Biffle both also like the Tiger Team Spotlight laser — with the Newbz replacing Field Agent and Biffle boldly replacing Agency Suppressor.

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All that said, however, it’s also worth noting that announced upcoming changes to Cold War assault rifle ADS speeds may nerf all of these currently viable secondary options.

Ultimately, people should start with the foundation of this XM4 loadout and build from there depending on personal preferences. The gun seems to be slaying out in tourneys, but can be hard to control. 

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