Newbz & ScummN win TeeP’s Trials $20K Warzone tournament: final placements & recap

Teep's Trials Warzone tournament with eFuseeFuse/TeeP

Upsurging Warzone streamers Newbz and ScummN have officially survived a wild double-elimination gauntlet to win the $20,000 TeeP’s Trials Warzone tournament — outlasting some of the best players in the game.

  • Newbz and ScummN run through bracket without a single loss
  • Rated’s team falls in grand finals after Aydan subs out for Tommey
  • Zlaner and Destroy win $5,000 bonus for highest-kill game

$20K TeeP’s Trials: Final placements

Placement Team Prize
1st Newbz & ScummN $10,000
2nd Aydan/Tommey & Rated $7,000
3rd JoeWo & SuperEvan $3,000
4th Tommey & Almond
Top 6 MuTeX & Blazt
Top 6 Swagg & Booya
Top 8 Jukeyz & FifaKill
Top 8 FaZe Bloo & Flanked

$20K TeeP’s Trials: Results & recap

Starting at 1 p.m. EST on April 29, the TeeP’s Trials lasted around eight full hours. Many of that was thanks to matches needing to restart due to dev errors, but a lot was due to competitive matchups going the Best-of-3 distance. Unless you were newbz and ScummN, of course.

The duo of lesser-known streamers quickly started walking through the Winners Bracket, while top-tier players like Swagg, Jukeyz, and Zlaner slowly fell to the Losers.

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Both newbz and ScummN ran a CR-56 AMAX as their primary, but the former opted for an XM4 as his secondary as the latter returned to a comfort pick with the FFAR.

With each of the duo pulling off wild finesses all day, newbz and ScummN didn’t lose a single match and stormed through the bracket. As Aydan had to leave for a sponsored stream, Tommey subbed in and joined Rated in the Grand Finals — but they were ultimately unable to oust the comfortable duo.

In the end, newbz finished with an absurd 8.85 K/D (and 17 average kills) while ScummN posted a 5.62 (and 14 average kills).

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Teams & Players

A number of top-level players and creators took part in TeeP’s Trials. Here are the full teams that got in on the action.

  • Aydan & Rated
  • Tommey & Almond
  • Jukeyz & Fifakill
  • JaredFPS & HYT Ike
  • Newbz & ScummN
  • JoeWo & SuperEvan
  • ZLaner & Destroy
  • IceManIsaac & bbreadman
  • DougIsRaw & Exzachtt
  • C9 EmZ & Angel
  • MuTeX & Blazt
  • FaZe Bloo & Flxnked
  • Smixie & zSmit
  • Swagg & Booya
  • BobbyPoff & UnRationaL
  • WarsZ & Intechs

Interestingly, the Warzone Season 3 meta remains a major question mark. No teams ran the same guns, but fans will simply need to tune into the next Warzone tournaments to find out if that variety sticks around.

Stats via InTheZone.