Strange Warzone super jump bug is letting players reach new heights

warzone season 3 jump planeActivision

Some Warzone players are experiencing a bizarre bug that gives them a ‘super jump’, letting them almost float across building roofs or cover more ground when traversing Verdansk.

Warzone Season 3 has brought with it a whole host of new content, with an overhauled map and some serious weapon balancing changes to boot.

Of course, a new season means new bugs and glitches, too. We saw plenty of out-of-map-glitches giving players free wins, something devs Raven have been quick to address.

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Now, though, some players are experiencing a ‘super jump’ and it looks about as crazy as it sounds.

Warzone new seasonActivision
The new season has been a big one for Warzone, with a number of massive changes.

This glitch looks like it could prove particularly helpful, especially if you find a way to exploit it whenever you need it.

In the clip below, you see ThanosBigSnap, shows how they “turned into Superman” during their travels across Verdansk, and it’s pretty envious.

While looting up, trying to do the Adler contracts and traversing the map, ThanosBigSnap tries to jump from one rooftop to another. While the jump would normally be a tight one, they instead end up gliding across the area, almost surpassing the intended rooftop completely.

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This doesn’t seem to be something they did on purpose, and it’s not known whether there is a way to intentionally trigger this.

In the comments, some are suggesting that it happens on certain points across the map, with the game thinking you’re in free fall, thus giving you a bit more of a ‘weightless’ type of jump.

Whatever’s going on, it definitely looks fun to do and certainly makes things easier in Warzone. The question is whether Raven Software will find out what triggers it and manage to stop it.

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