NICKMERCS confirms he’s now a part-owner of FaZe Clan

Albert Petrosyan

Superstar Twitch streamer and content creator Nick’ NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has received an equity stake in FaZe Clan, confirming in a tweet on April 23.

NICKMERCS is one of the most popular gaming content creators in the world, and his recruitment to FaZe Clan became one of the bigger stories of 2019 after his surprise departure from 100 Thieves.

The news was initially announced by The Verge in an April 22 piece on Kolcheff, in which they introduced him, among many things, as a “part-owner” of FaZe.

At the time, neither he nor the organization had publicly announced an ownership deal – but on April 23, with the info spreading through various outlets, the streamer put out a tweet essentially confirming the news:

NICKMERCS being a FaZe co-owner makes sense

It certainly isn’t shocking by any stretch of the imagination that NICKMERCS has received an equity stake in FaZe Clan. He is one of the biggest names in gaming that’s associated with FaZe, and when he first joined back in 2019, he emphasized that it was more so a partnership rather than him being under the org’s content creation umbrella as with most other members.

Since then, FaZe extended Kolcheff’s deal by a further three years in September 2020, setting him up to be a part of the organization until 2023. Of course, being a part-owner, he’ll more likely be involved with them for much longer.

In light of Valkyrae and CouRage being announced as part-owners of 100 Thieves in April, Kolcheff was recently asked during his stream about potentially becoming the same for FaZe. At the time, all he offered in response was a wry smile before walking away from the camera.

At this time, it’s not yet clear exactly when he received the ownership stake as it could have been at the time of joining, the contract extension, or a separate deal that hasn’t formally been announced yet.

We have since reached out to FaZe Clan, but they have yet to respond with an official comment.

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