NICKMERCS joins FaZe Clan following controversial 100 Thieves exit

Albert Petrosyan

Popular Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS‘ Kolcheff has joined FaZe Clan, less than a week after his contentious departure from rival organization 100 Thieves

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On May 30, NICKMERCS officially announced that he had joined FaZe Clan’s star-studded roster of content creators and Fortnite Battle Royale players.

He revealed the news live on his stream in front of tens of thousands of anxiously waiting viewers, as well as via a tweet unveiling his iconic MFAM Spartan logo next to FaZe’s. 

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The news of Nick joining came on the ninth anniversary of FaZe Clan’s founding, a day known as FaZe Day, and the organization used that to their advantage in producing a clever skit for the announcement.

The video, which was posted on FaZe’s YouTube channel, shows co-founder Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks blowing out a candle and wishing for Nick to join, which ends up coming to fruition just moments later. 

Banks also posted his own tweet about having Nick on board, expressing excitement for their new partnership.

“So stoked to have you NICKMERCS,” he tweeted. “We value a lot of the same things; I love your approach to live. All around good vibes, FaZe vibes.”

Nick joins FaZe merely days after announcing his departure from 100 Thieves, which ultimately led to a drawn out saga between him and CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag.

After surprising many and parting ways with 100T, Nick grabbed major headlines by saying he wants “nothing to do with” Nadeshot, claiming that Nade did not deliver on the promises that had been made to him when he first joined the org.

On his stream, Nick explained that his stressful situation with 100T opened the door for a move to FaZe, who assured him that they were willing to take care of him in every way possible.

“These guys came in when I was f*cking pissed and frustrated with all the way this bullsh*t works behind the f*cking scenes,” he said. “And they said ‘nah, nah, nah. Help us help you. Let’s f*cking take care of you. And then my team, couple of weeks in, they got this sh*t cracking. I feel great.”

“FaZe reached out and immediately expressed a commitment to supporting Nick and the MFAM community,” said Justin Miclat, Nick’s manager at the Kinetic Group. “Their desire and ability to support the things that matter the most to Nick, like the MFAM Project, is ultimately what makes us so excited to begin this journey alongside them.”

Nick’s team has worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes for the last year-and-a-half to set him up with numerous prestigious sponsorships and partnerships, including several collaborative projects with the NFL. 

Joining FaZe is obviously a huge step for Nick in his career, as it’s easily the biggest organization he’s been a part of since becoming a full-time streamer.

He remains one of the biggest names in Fortnite Battle Royale, and an active participant in most tournaments and competitive events.

He is currently still attempting to qualify for the upcoming World Cup, and while FaZe have a plethora of talented players on their roster, he will likely continue to play with his current duo and top controller player ‘Nio,’ despite the fact that he is not a member of FaZe. 

As for FaZe Clan, the addition of a superstar like NICKMERCS comes at the perfect time, as they’ve been embroiled in a controversial feud with their star man Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, who filed a lawsuit against the org on May 20.

While the conflict with Tfue hasn’t shown signs of subsiding anytime soon, the powerhouse org can at least take solace in knowing they have a major figure like Nick within their ranks. 

About The Author

Albert is a former esports and gaming writer, focused particularly on Call of Duty and content creators. Spending over three years at Dexerto, Albert eventually now works with streamer NICKMERCS and the MFAM group. You can find Albert @AlbertoRavioli on Twitter.