KSI responds to Jake Paul fight request following Mike Tyson health scare

Hunter Haas
KSI responded to Jake Paul after ‘The Problem Child’ offered the popular streamer a chance to fight in Mike Tyson’s place

Jake Paul has shifted focus from Mike Tyson to KSI, as ‘The Problem Child’ offered the YouTube boxer a chance to replace ‘Iron Mike’ on July 20.

Immediately after Tyson’s medical scare during a flight from Miami to Los Angeles, fans began wondering if Paul would seek a replacement opponent.

Due to health concerns and at the behest of medical professionals, Tyson postponed his match vs Paul, potentially opening the door for someone else to step in.

According to Paul, via his X account, he offered KSI the slot in front of a packed AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

KSI immediately shot down the idea of fighting in July, citing that he “already has a fight lined up in August.”

Instead, KSI offered to fight Paul in December, which led to a fiery response from the Cleveland, Ohio, native.

“I just gave KSI and his forehead the opportunity again for July. He said he’s fighting in August. Cool,” the 9-1 boxer remarked.

“I’m fighting in October / November. February it is, 200 lbs, MSG, NYC. Get it done.”

KSI called out Paul’s “fraudulent” response, telling fans that Jake “doesn’t really want to fight.”

Jake didn’t respond directly to KSI again, but he sent another teaser to fans soon after the spat concluded on X.

Jake Paul began his boxing career in 2018, fighting against KSI’s younger brother, Deji.

‘The Problem Child’ won that bout via decision, and he’s since gone 8-1 in the ring with his lone loss coming against Tommy Fury.

As for KSI, he was the first to fight Jake’s brother, Logan Paul, as the two Prime Hydration partners feuded at the same 2018 card as Jake and Deji.

The first fight with Logan ended in a draw. But the two would meet again, this time with the match going KSI’s way via split decision.

In the time since, KSI and Jake have teased a potential bout, with each man calling out the other numerous times via podcasts and social media.

Although Jake offered KSI the option to fill in for Tyson, it appears ‘The Nightmare’ will square off with the recently reinstated Amir Khan instead.

Khan, a former boxing world champion, retired in 2022 after testing positive for Ostarine and thus received a two-year ban, lasting until April 2024.

If KSI fights Khan in August, and Jake waits until October or November to box Tyson, which he’s suggested, then a potential match is likely off the table until early 2024.

But Jake already knows the time and place he’s targeting for their bout. If it’s up to him, a fight vs KSI will take place in February at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

A card consisting of these four men as headliners would be a full-circle moment for the pairs of brothers after the Paul’s influencer boxing journey began against KSI and Deji in 2018.