Battlefield 2042 Portal explained: Breaking down Dice’s ambitious new sandbox mode

Brad Norton
Battlefield 2042 Portal gameplayElectronic Arts

Battlefield 2042 Portal is a brand new sandbox experience unlike anything before it in the franchise. With players able to craft their own custom modes from scratch, using assets from earlier Battlefield titles, there’s a ton to wrap your head around. Here’s a complete breakdown of how the new mode is set to work.

Alongside 2042’s All-Out Warfare and Hazard Zone multiplayer components, a third mode is now locked in: known as Battlefield Portal, the innovative mode serves as a toolkit for players to craft experiences of their own design.

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Anything from a mode with specific attachments disabled, to a gun game mode that rotates through historical weapons, the door is wide open to create unique playlists with the tools on offer.

All the while, creators have access to a vast range of weapons, vehicles, maps, and more from previous Battlefield titles. To help make sense of how the Portal experience works, here’s a complete rundown of everything there is to know.

What is Battlefield 2042 Portal?

Battlefield PortalElectronic Arts
Battlefield Portal is the third multiplayer component in 2042.

In its simplest form, Battlefield’s new Portal component is a way for players to build their own experiences and share them with the community. Anyone across any platform can design their own unique game modes and bring their wildest ideas to life.

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From a unique boss battle that pits one buffed player against 127 enemies, to an RPG-only explosion-fest, the possibilities appear to be endless. Whatever you can think of, it’s a safe bet that the toolkit available in Battlefield Portal will allow you to create it.

There is a range of simpler tools to allow for quick and casual-friendly creations. These allow you to toggle certain features and adjust some of the core settings such as player health or damage multipliers. 

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However, a much deeper logic editor is also available for those looking to really dive through the nitty-gritty. With this complex visual scripting tool, advanced designers are able to fine-tune almost every aspect of their custom experience. 

All of these features are available for no extra cost to owners of Battlefield 2042. Moreover, the Portal toolkit can be accessed anywhere at any time thanks to an accompanying web-based platform. This means you can even design a new mode on your phone and have the experience ready to boot up on your console or PC once you’re home.

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Battlefield 2042 Portal returning content from previous games

Old Battlefield titles will return in the “Portal” game mode.

Within Battlefield’s new Portal mode, players will have access to a wide range of content than ever before. Not only will every map, weapon, vehicle, and asset from 2042 itself be available in Portal, but so too will elements from previous titles.

Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 will all be revitalized to some degree through Battlefield Portal. While not every weapon or every vehicle from all of these titles will be making a return, a wide array of content will be available for players to build around.

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Battlefield 2042 Portal maps

Six Classic Battlefield MapsElectronic Arts
Six classic Battlefield maps are returning at the launch of 2042 through Portal.

In total, 13 maps will be available to use in Battlefield Portal at launch. Seven of these maps are the previously announced 2042 additions coming to All-Out Warfare. Alongside them are six classics from the aforementioned titles.

Six classic Battlefield maps set to return at launch include:

  • Battle of the Bulge (BF 1942)
  • El Alamein (BF 1942)
  • Arica Harbor (Bad Company 2)
  • Valparaiso (Bad Company 2)
  • Caspian Border (Battlefield 3)
  • Noshahr Canals (Battlefield 3)

All six maps have been rebuilt for modern hardware, meaning they can run at 4K in 60FPS and even support the full 128 player count on new-gen consoles and PC. Players can even add new destructive elements to maps that never had it before.

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Furthermore, all future 2042 maps added through upcoming seasons will also be made available in Battlefield Portal.

40+ classic weapons returning in Battlefield Portal

Battlefield Portal gameplayElectronic Arts
A range of standout weapons from various theaters of war are returning in Portal.

Through the Portal toolkit, players will also have access to more than 40 weapons from various points in Battlefield history. 

From 1942 classics such as the M1 Garand, Thompson, and STG 44, to Bad Company 2’s M60, AKS-74U, and Battlefield 3’s P90, Scar-H, and more. Dozens of weapons throughout the ages will be making a return thanks to Portal.

Not only that, but each classic weapon will come with two distinct modes. DICE has gone to the trouble of rebalancing all returning guns to feel more in line with the 2042 experience. Though if you want the old feeling back in all its glory, historical settings will also be available to translate that original feeling without any contemporary changes.

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All of these classic weapons can be used in modes against or alongside near-future weaponry from 2042’s arsenal.

40+ vehicles returning in Battlefield Portal

Battlefield Portal gameplayElectronic Arts
Many fan-favorite vehicles from previous Battlefield titles will also be returning.

Bringing classic maps back into the mix wouldn’t feel quite the same without their accompanying vehicles. Thankfully, players will have access to a long list of familiar vehicles from all three titles. 

Your favorite tanks, quad bikes, helicopters, and more will all be at the ready for players to build unique experiences around in Portal. If you want to drop a tank from 1942 in a battle against a tank from 2042, well, you’ll be able to do just that.

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30+ gadgets to be included in Battlefield Portal at launch

While 2042’s Specialists all provide their own unique tools, powerful gadgets from these classic games will also be making a return. 

Everything from the reliable wrench in 1942 to the modern claymores found in Battlefield 3, the range of equipment has never been more extensive.

Classic factions returning through Battlefield Portal

Battlefield Portal gameplayElectronic Arts
You can drop modern teams in against historic squads through Battlefield Portal.

In 2042’s All-Out Warfare experience, the traditional classes have been discarded in favor of brand new Specialists. However, Portal allows these old familiar roles to return no different from before.

This means Battlefield 3’s Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon roles will all be available. As will various armies from 1942 and Bad Company 2. All of which can be put to the test against one another or against 2042’s modern factions and Specialists.

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Theoretically, you could create a mode that pits full teams from different eras against one another. Who would win if a full 1942 team faced off against a full Bad Company 2 team? We can finally settle the score once Portal comes online.

That’s everything we know about Battlefield 2042’s new Portal experience. Be sure to follow along @BravoINTEL to keep on top of all the latest news.

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