Fortnite leak shows off Sniper Rifle primed to devastate vehicles

Brianna Reeves
fortnite sniper

A Fortnite leak points to the potential introduction of a new Sniper Rifle that will deal tons of damage to vehicles.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has received mixed reception from its player base, thus far. Many complaints have blasted the arrival of vehicle mods, which load cars with machine gun turrets, bulletproof tires, cow catchers, and more.

The consensus is that it’s nearly impossible to survive a battle royale match without driving around in a souped-up ride.

And while other Season 3 items like the Nitro Fists can counter powerful vehicles, players still think Epic needs to either nerf cars or add more weapons that better balance the experience.

Leaks making the rounds via AllyJax and RyanDoesLeaks suggest another counter to vehicles may arrive in the form of new Sniper Rifles. As pointed out by HYPEX, the potential damage-dealing power of the gun means it could do up to 3x damage on vehicles.

The weapon’s alleged ability to only hold one shot at a time could prove a problem, of course. And, according to subsequent posts from AllyJax, Fortnite’s new Sniper Rifle will not allow players to upgrade it with a drum mag attachment.

If this weapon is coming to Chapter 5 Season 3, there is currently no word on when players can expect it to arrive in-game.

Season 3: Wrecked launched on Friday, May 24, introducing several new locales to the lower part of the map, on top of the divisive vehicle mods. Fallout’s Nuka-Cola and T-60 Power Armor also entered the fray at the start of this season.

Epic Games could have even more up its sleeve in the weeks and months ahead. For instance, previous leaks point to Season 3 also adding Pirates of the Caribbean-themed content, including treasure maps, flintlock pistols, and pirate cannons.