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Shroud reveals biggest concern with Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone mode

Published: 13/Nov/2021 4:15 Updated: 13/Nov/2021 3:49

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


After diving into Battlefield 2042, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek revealed his biggest concern with the Hazard Zone mode, claiming it’s not ideal for players who want to unlock weapons and attachments.

Battlefield 2042’s early access phase is now live, and shroud and his crew are already jumping into the action. The reviews have been positive so far despite fears that some issues wouldn’t be solved.

Shroud has been enjoying it too. However, after playing Hazard Zone, a new mode that pits squads against each other to search for data drives, he concluded it wasn’t good for one major thing: unlocking weapons and attachments.


A screenshot of Battlefield 2042 gameplay
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Shroud and his crew have been diving into Battlefield 2042.

In response to someone in his squad asking how to buy attachments, Shroud said: “You have to keep using the gun and unlock it and stuff.”

He explained why Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone mode isn’t a good place for that.

“For the unlocks of attachments, you need X amount of kills,” he said. “So, you probably want to farm a different game mode to get more kills. Because in this, farming your guns and stuff, it’s going to take too long.”

However, he’s come up with a solution. “I feel like this game mode should disregard that. You could buy the attachments and buy all the good guns rather than unlocking them. But it does not work like that. It would be cool, though.


Shroud has praised other aspects of the game, though. He admitted he was a huge fan of Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode and even claimed it would be the “highlight.”

But as for the Hazard Zone, he wants the developers to consider making changes to either improve the integration of the progression system or bypass it.