Baldur’s Gate 3 experts reveal the one item you shouldn’t go without

Jessica Filby
Baldur's Gate 3 shield

Whether it’s a solid build, the best weapon, the right companions, or even the perfect armor, being prepared before you set off for your adventure is pivotal. Now fans are warning new players never to forget the usefulness of a good shield.

It can be tricky to know everything you need to have before setting off on your Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure, but a trusty shield can often be forgotten about, especially by classes that don’t think they can wield it.

However, one Baldur’s Gate 3 player shared the importance of the item, and experts descended to share all the reasons why a shield is your best friend in this expansive adventure game.

“PSA: If you’re gonna go outside don’t forget a shield” shared the poster, explaining that “everybody that can hold a shield, should.”

They went on to explain the uses of such a simple item: “They make a significant difference in your defense. +2AC might not sound like much, but it’s similar to adding 20% defense. For classes with low AC especially.”

Many players may assume that only a Fighter or stronger melee character like a Paladin or Cleric can hold a shield, but some Bards, Druids, Rangers, Wizards, and even Sorcerers can have proficiency, as long as they’re not holding two weapons.

On top of this, both humans and half-elves can naturally use shields. Given those are the most popular races in Baldur’s Gate 3, the chances are, your character can use this vital piece of kit.

Even the likes of squishy Gale can benefit from the item: “For those that don’t realize, Gale (and other humans) can equip a shield and still cast spells. I went an entire playthrough without realizing because I never play human in DnD, and every spell caster I’ve ever played in DnD was never proficient with a shield.”

Of course, if you’re dual-wielding then a shield isn’t entirely possible. But with the added armor and loss of almost no damage for the most part, there are no negatives to picking a shield up if you can, it could just save your life.