What are stickers in Apex Legends? New Season 15 cosmetic

Alex Garton
stickers in apex legends

Stickers are coming to Apex Legends in Season 15, a new cosmetic that allows players to customize their healing consumable items.

While gunplay, maps, and characters are the most important aspects of Apex Legends, customization and cosmetics are a big part of the game as well, and also crucial for the developers to monetize what is otherwise a free game.

Skins, banners, badges, and charms allow players to add an element of personal flair to their favorite Legends and weapons.

Well, Respawn are keen on expanding this customization in Season 15 with the introduction of stickers, a brand-new cosmetic item.

Unlike the current array of cosmetics, stickers cannot be placed on weapons or Legends and instead give players a chance to customize healing items.


What are stickers in Apex Legends?

Stickers are a brand new cosmetic item available for players to collect in Apex Legends, similar to gun charms or sprays.

Instead of being used to customize weapons, stickers can only be placed on healing consumables. You can check out the full list of customizable consumables below:

  • Shield Cell
  • Shield Battery
  • Pheonix Kit
  • Syringe/Med Kit (Health Injector)
stickers in apex legends menu
You can customize your sticker choices in the loadout menu.

After the recent animation changes for healing consumables in Apex, more of the item is now displayed on screen, making space for stickers to shine.

By the looks of it, only one sticker be placed on each item, and for the time being, it’s only healing items that can be customized.

How to unlock stickers in Apex Legends

In order to unlock stickers in Apex Legends, you’ll need to open packs or purchase them directly from the store with Apex Coins.

Stickers operate in exactly the same way as any other cosmetic item, so look out for them in your next Apex pack.

stickers in apex legends
Here’s how your applied stickers will look in-game.

So, there you have it, that’s everything we know about stickers, the new cosmetic item arriving in Season 15 on November 1. Respawn also confirmed stickers will be a permanent addition, with more coming in future seasons and events.

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