Apex Legends new Date Night LTM explained: Start time, duos & more

apex legends pink ash headerRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment announced that a new Date Night LTM is coming to Apex Legends following the Celestial Sunrise Collection event.

Apex Legends has announced a handful of new game modes coming with the Celestial Sunrise Collection event starting on January 24, 2023.

Alongside the Collection Event fans can expect the new Hardcore Royale LTM mode, where players are restricted to White Armor and have limited HUD elements, among other things.

Now, developer Respawn Entertainment has also confirmed another brand-new LTM will release after the Celestial Sunrise Collection event, called the Date Night LTM.

Respawn reveals new duos LTM coming to Apex Legends

The new mode was revealed in Respawn’s official blog post detailing the Celestial Sunrise Collection event. According to the post, this mode is expected to release “following the conclusion of Celestial Sunrise on February 7…”

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The Date Night LTM is duos-oriented and features a unique healing mechanic. Using any healing item will mark an area around the Legend, and if the Duos partner is standing in that area when the healing item finishes they will receive the benefits of the item as well.

Additionally, the Date Night LTM also includes a new Limited Time Weapon called The Heart Stealer. The Heart Stealer is a version of the Bocek Bow that heals you a percentage of the damage you do, which will also heal a Duo partner if they’re close by.

hardcore royale ltm apexRespawn Entertainment
With the addition of the Hardcore Royale LTM, it seems Apex players are getting to new LTMs back to back.

LTMs have been a hot topic among the Apex Legends community for some time, as many players felt that the game’s offering of LTMs was lacking. For example, the returning Winter Express LTM in 2022 garnered some heavy backlash among players due to its lack of meaningful changes.

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Of course, some LTMs like the ongoing Control mode have been praised by fans for its creativity and challenge.

It seems Respawn is on the right track to making good on its promise of more LTMs finally coming to Apex Legends. Hopefully, players can expect more new modes as 2023 continues.