Apex Legends Firing Range gets major update in Season 16

Calum Patterson
Apex Legends firing range changes

The firing range in Apex Legends has remained mostly unchanged since it was first added to the game in 2019, but finally, in Season 16, it is getting some much-needed improvements.

The firing range is the go-to place to try out new weapons and attachments, hone your recoil control, try out a legend’s abilities, or even practice 1v1 vs a friend.

But, it has had fairly limited functionality, with just some static dummies to shoot and some ziplines to fly on. It’s also been hampered by the lack of infinite ammo.

All of this and more is resolved in Season 16, with the range getting an overhaul with new stats, dummie settings, and yes, even infinite ammo.

Apex Legends Firing Range
The Apex Firing Range hadn’t been given any significant updates since release.

All changes to Apex firing range in Season 16

Dummie Movement

First up, you can now make the dummies much more challenging. You can make them strafe left to right, and increase or decrease the speed at which they do this. You can even make them crouch, and do all of this randomly to really keep you on your toes.

You can also change the shield level of the dummies, all the way up to red evo.

Dynamic Stats

When firing at the dummies, you will also now see an overlay of stats at the top of the screen. These include shots fired, damage dealt, headshots, kills, and accuracy as a percentage.

Hit Markers

New hit indicators show up and remain on screen for a few seconds after firing. These allow you to see the recoil pattern of each weapon, to help you master it.

In addition, you can now turn friendly fire on or off.

Infinite Ammo

Finally, there is infinite ammo in the firing range. It’s not on by default however, you have to turn on the ‘infinite reloads’ setting. This means if for whatever reason you want to have limited ammo, it is still an option.

Respawn also said that this is just the first of “several” rounds of updates planned for the Firing range over coming seasons.

Season 16 is also introducing a new TDM mode – check out the details here.