Leaked Apex Legends voice lines give huge clues about unreleased Legend

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Apex Legends unreleased character
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends dataminer has found a set of voice lines in the game files that all reference an unreleased Legend and give fans some clues about their appearance.

The Genesis Collection Event has arrived in Apex Legends, introducing Revenant’s heirloom to the game and giving fans the chance to drop back into the classic Kings Canyon & Worlds Edge.

Despite all of the new additions, Apex fans are constantly looking to the future and are desperate to find out any information about upcoming updates. Whether it’s leaked event skins or a brand new map, unreleased content will always grab the attention of players.

This is especially true when it comes to Legends, as new characters are only added at the start of each Season. That’s why when dataminer HumanSAS discovered voice lines related to an unreleased Legend, it got the community extremely excited.

Apex Legends roster
Respawn Entertainment
Valkyrie was the latest Legend to be added to Apex.

Leaked voice lines give clues about unreleased Legend

On June 30, Apex Legends dataminer HumanSAS posted a set of voice lines to Twitter that they discovered in the game files. Every single character has their very own statement relating to an unreleased Legend and provides some clues about their theme.

Although none of the current Apex roster go into very much detail, a few provide some incredibly interesting clues. For starters, Rampart, Horizon, and Octane all appear to have some kind of personal connection with the unreleased Legend based on their voice lines.

On top of this, Revenant references the Legend being cursed and even jokingly remarks that may get along. This suggests we can expect this character to have a similar temperament to the Synthetic Nightmare, so expect a dark backstory.

It’s also worth noting that Pathfinder references a swarm and Lifeline mentions moths, suggesting that the Legend has a connection with insects. It’s possible this even relates to the character’s abilities, as a swarm of moths would certainly disrupt a group of enemies.

Finally, Caustic remarks that the unreleased character uses subterfuge and misdirection to their advantage. This means we can expect a Legend that is designed to trick and outsmart their opponents, which is good news for players who love to bamboozle enemy squads.

Although these voice lines have been found in Season 9, it doesn’t mean this Legend will necessarily be released in Season 10.

Of course, it’s possible that this shadowy figure joins the roster in the next major update, but don’t be surprised if Respawn is planning on releasing them in a few seasons time.

Now these leaks have given us a few clues about the unreleased Legend, let’s hope the dataminers can continue to dig and find even more interesting information.

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