Apex Legends update 1.73: Genesis Collection Event release time

Apex Legends genesis eventRespawn Entertainment

The Genesis collection event update is going live on June 29 in Apex Legends, bringing with it the new event, returning maps, and a bunch of balancing changes too.

Genesis update release time

The update for the Apex Legends Genesis event, (update 1.73) will roll out on June 29 at 10AM PT. Here are the release times for around the world:

  • June 29:
    • 10AM PT
    • 11AM MDT
    • 12PM CT
    • 1PM ET
    • 2PM BRT
    • 6PM BST
    • 7PM CEST
    • 10:30PM IST
  • June 30
    • 2AM JST
    • 3AM AEST
Skull town in apex legendsRespawn
We’ll be returning to Skull Town in the Genesis Collection Event.

What’s in the Genesis event update?

There’s a lot to look forward to in the Season 9 collection event, including Revenant’s heirloom and the return of classic maps.


  • Season 0 Kings Canyon
  • Season 3 World’s Edge
  • Skull Town Arenas map


  • Revenant Heirloom
  • 24 event-limited skins
  • Prize tracker


There’s lots of Legend and weapon balancing coming to the Collection event too, including nerfs to Octane and Bloodhound, plus lots of changes to Revenant. Check out all the Legend buffs and nerfs here.

For weapons, the P2020, Spitfire, 30-30 Repeater, and Longbow are all getting changes – see all the weapon buffs and nerfs here.

There’s also lots of bug fixes and quality of life changes, and Arenas got some attention as well. In addition to the Skull Town map (only available during the event), price changes have been made, as well as some ability tweaks.

Revenant Heirloom Apex Legends RespawnRespawn Entertainment
You can get the Revenant heirloom during the event.

When does the Genesis event end?

The collection event starts June 29 and runs for two weeks, ending on July 13. After that, it won’t be long until the next Season, Season 10, is getting ready to drop.

Event skins can come back in the future, and you’ll be able to get Revenant’s heirloom with shards after the event ends.