Best Apex Legends Genesis event landing spots: Kings Canyon & World’s Edge

Bill Cooney
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King’s Canyon and World’s Edge are getting put back on the Apex Legends menu for the Genesis Collection Event, and we’ve got some of the best landing spots for both maps listed right here to help you out.

Apex players who have been around since day one are thrilled about the OG Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps returning for the Genesis Collection Event on June 29. 

But for those who haven’t been playing since Seasons 0 or 3, the original versions of these maps might be just as foreign as a brand-new map. If you’ve never played on either, or you just need a refresher, we’ve got some of the best landing spots for both right here.

Best original Kings Canyon landing spots

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You feel that? That’s nostalgia, baby.


Located on the west end of the map, Airbase is a good-sized location that’s packed with floor loot and supply crates that can even be found inside of the aircraft parked there.

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Respawn Entertainment
The dropships on airbase all contain some loot.

It’s not a place teams typically land, but when they do the abundance of weapons on offer at this location usually means you’ll have a decent chance of taking them out.

Starting out at Airbase also gives you and your team easy rotation options to other nearby points of interest like Runoff and Skull Town.


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Thunderdome is a great spot to land, just don’t stick around too long unless you want to run into stragglers from Skull Town.

Also located on the west side of Kings Canyon, the infamous Thunderdome can actually be relatively quiet early on — despite the name — while holding enough loot to gear you and your squad up before you head into battle.

Thunderdome is also directly beside Skull Town, which means you can gear up and head in there to take on the squads that picked that spot. Or you can skip this hot zone and head to Market to try and catch a team escaping from Skull Town unaware.


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Relay looks good, and has some decent loot to boot.

Relay is in the far north-eastern corner of the map, and is a sprawling compound jam-packed with supply crates and floor loot. Being out of the way means it isn’t on most rotation routes either, so unless the circle ends up here, Relay is a good bet to be a fairly quiet area.

Players can grab weapons and gear up here before using the relaunch balloon on the outskirts of the compound to fly to Wetlands, Swamps, or even the Hydro Dam and join the fight.

Kings Canyon areas to avoid

A general rule of thumb for KC is that: the closer to the center of the map you get, the busier the landing zones will be. If you want to avoid a firefight right away, areas like Hydro Dam, Bunker, and Cascades are not your friends, as they’ll probably have a good number of players rushing there to try and get the best loot.

Best original World’s Edge landing spots

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World’s Edge was first added to Apex all the way back in Season 3.


Located to the northeast of The Epicenter (another decent location to start out at), Refinery is the ideal location for those looking to get a good amount of loot without spending too long scavenging around.

Refinery Apex
Refinery is isolated, so if you can clear out any opposing squads, you’re set for the game.

It’s a relatively small POI but comes packed with 25 Supply Bins, on top of a decent amount of floor loot, so your entire team can quickly fill out your inventories with everything that you need.

The only drawback, if you could even call it that, is that it can be far away from some initial rings that start at the lower left quadrant of the map. But even then, it’s inland enough where traveling from Refinery to another area shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

The Train Yard

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The train yard is great for players who don’t mind an early fight.

The Train Yard is one of the more central locations on World’s Edge, but the cliffs located on its eastern and southern boundaries give it some decent protection from players leaking out from the other, more popular central POIs.

It’s not too big, but still has 26 Supply Bins, a good amount of floor loot, and relatively high-tier gear, making it ideal for stacking your inventory quickly and early.

Finally, the Train Yard is adjacent to other good locations. If the first ring placement allows it, you can travel to Lava Fissure, which also has good loot, and then all the way up to the secret Sniper’s Ridge, where you can shoot down on unsuspecting enemy teams in Skyhook.

Lava City

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Lava City is very out of the way, if you want to try and avoid early fights.

Lava City is a great location to land at if you’re aiming for the lower right quadrant of the map. It’s not that hot of an LZ, so you won’t have too much risk of running into or fighting another team right when you land for the most part. It’s also not a large location by any means, so looting won’t take much time at all.

There is potential for one or two pieces of high-tier loot to appear here, but the real appeal is how quiet it is, and how close it is to the very popular Sorting Factory POI, making it a great starting point for rotations.