Cheapest way to unlock Apex Legends heirlooms

Revenant Heirloom Apex Legends RespawnRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends heirlooms are the most sought-after in-game items, but they can set players back considerably because of their high price, if you aren’t lucky to get shards from packs. However, there are ways to reduce the eye-watering prices, ensuring you can save money while still getting the ultra-rare items. 

Heirlooms are ultra rare objects that, specific to each character, consistent with their abilities, identity and lore.

There are currently nine heirlooms in-game, with all of the base legends now having one, plus Octane. Revenant’s heirloom is available in the Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event.

Called the Dead Man’s Curve it is an extendable scythe that, to be frank, looks awesome. However, it will be just as tough to get hold of as past heirlooms, so how do you ensure you get it without breaking the bank?

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Apex Lrgends HeirloomRespawn Entertainment
Revenant’s heirloom is called the Dead Man’s Curve.

Heirlooms are available in a few different ways – by collecting shards, purchasing 500 packs, or by collecting 24 items in the Collection Event. Once the event is done, you’ll have to rely on packs to get it.

However, purchasing 24 packs at 700 Apex Coins each will mean players are required to spend around $160 to guarantee themselves the heirloom. Thankfully, there are cheaper ways.

How to save money on heirlooms

EA Play savings

YouTuber Omega has run the maths and has some top tips for players wanting to guarantee themselves the heirloom. First up, players should purchase EA Play. A $5 subscription to EA, gives players 10% of in-game purchases in all EA titles. As it sounds, this will save you 10% on Apex Packs and bundles. Although it does require you to invest money, you’ll quickly save more than the cost of a subscription.

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Event bundles

Secondly, players should purchase event bundles, rather than individual packs. For the Genesis Collection Event, these are the Loba Petty Thief and Crypto Inconspicuous bundles. These give players skins, but a total of 10 event packs as well. That will leave just 14 to purchase, rather than 24.

Crafting metals

Finally, players should use any Crafting Metals they have. Depending on how many this is, it will cut the total cost even further.

As such, the price will vary depending on how many Crafting Metals players have. We doubt anyone does, but if you’re sitting on 38,400, the heirloom will be yours for free.

For most players, though, it will still constitute a significant investment. A lot of the possibilities, even when players have a few thousand Crafting Metals, come out at over $100.

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Naturally, not everyone will want to invest in the game heavily to ensure they get the heirloom. If that’s you, leave it up to chance and see what Apex Packs bring you. You’re guaranteed some shards after opening 500 packs.

Finally, these tips should carry over to future heirlooms. Bundles will likely be available, as will EA Play. They’ll still come at a cost, but significantly cheaper than if you were to purchase 24 event packs outright.