New Apex Legends Arenas map ‘Overflow’ leaked

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Arenas map
Respawn Entertainment

Following the Genesis Collection Event, Apex Legends dataminers have found a set of images showcasing the new ‘Overflow’ Arenas map in the game files.

Although Apex Legends Season 9 got off to a rather slow start in terms of content, Respawn has stepped up a gear with the recently released Genesis Collection event.

Not only can players earn Revenant’s new Dead Man’s Curve heirloom, but they’re also enjoying dropping into the classic Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge maps.

Despite all of the new content, the community’s eyes are already looking to the future, and wondering what the devs have in store for them next.

Well, a set of leaks from Shrugtal and KralRindo may have provided the answer, as the dataminers have managed to find images of a new Arenas map in the game files.

Apex Legends Arenas map
Respawn Entertainment
Arenas were released alongside the Season 9 update.

Overflow Arenas map leaked

Since its release back at the start of Season 9, Arenas has been popular among Apex’s community. Although it hasn’t overtaken the BR, it offers players a faster-paced gameplay experience with a level of customization that cannot be found in the battle royale.

With the release of the limited-time Skull Town map alongside the Genesis Collection Event, it’s clear the player base is keen for Respawn to add even more maps for Arenas.

Of course, the devs have plans to do exactly that. After searching through the game files following the 9.1 update, dataminers have managed to find some images of a new ‘Overflow’ map.

By the looks of it, the map appears to be based in a functioning factory with channels of lava flowing across the entire area.

This is one of the most visually impressive Arenas map Respawn has designed so far.

Dataminer KralRindo even managed to find a blueprint-style image that shows the overall layout of the map. By the looks of it, Overflow has been designed with a single lane that expands into a large area in the middle.

This mid-section will be where the majority of the action unfolds, with squads having to battle amongst cascading lava flows and huge futuristic machinery.

It looks as if Respawn has included a variety of ledges, terrain, and hidden spots for players to discover, just make sure you don’t slip, or you may end up in a spot of bother.

Respawn has not announced an official release date for the ‘Overflow’ map, so it’s difficult to predict when it’ll be added into the game.

However, with leaks suggesting that an upcoming Arenas event is arriving in mid-July, it’s possible the map will arrive alongside it. Otherwise, it might launch with the next Season.

For now, it’s just a waiting game but hopefully, Overflow will be one of many Arenas maps that Respawn is planning on adding in the future.