First look at Olympus map changes in Apex Legends Season 12

Kijanna Henry
Apex Legends Season 12 Olympus

Respawn is bringing back Olympus for Apex Legends Season 12 with a first look at brand new map changes planned for the fan-favorite map.

Olympus made its debut in Apex Legends Season 7 and quickly became a beloved locale among fans in the game. With Storm Point and World’s Edge occupying the map cycle in Season 11, many players began to wonder when Olympus would make a reappearance.

Now, thanks to the Season 12 reveal, we have our first look at the Olympus and the first of many new changes happening across the map.

Oasis in Apex Legends
Olympus returns in Apex Legends Season 11.

Olympus map changes teased in new trailer

On January 25, a new trailer for the Apex Legends Anniversary Event was posted on the official ‘PlayApex’ Instagram account. With it, players got their first taste of Olympus map updates in Season 12.

Within the first few seconds of the trailer, it shows that the Olympus skybox has changed. Where there used to be nothing but clear-blue sky all around, buildings and cars can now be seen in the background peeking from the map’s boundaries.

Considering the fact that Olympus is known as “the city in the sky,” the new changes suggest that the playing field has decreased in altitude revealing more of the planet below.

This could potentially result in new playable areas in the form of skyscrapers and buildings on the outskirts of Olympus but that remains to be seen.

Olympus map changes teased in Season 12 images

In addition, Respawn also showed teasers of Olympus within a Season 12 promotional image. While this image doesn’t reveal any changes in detail, it does give players a general idea of what to expect.

Apex Legends Season 12 control dominaton mode
It appears that Olympus has been teased in Season 12’s key art too.

The image above shows a change to the direction of the Orbital Cannon. It also appears that something new is being constructed. Considering the layout of Olympus, it’s safe to say that these map changes will be taking place outside of Bonsai Plaza.

It’s could be the second most prominent change to the Apex map, but we’ll have to wait and see what else Respawn have planned for Olympus in Season 12.

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