Apex Legends devs gift free pack to players affected by game-breaking Bangalore skin

Apex Legends MIL SPECRespawn Entertainment

To compensate for the game-crashing MIL-SPEC Bangalore skin, Respawn has gifted affected Apex Legends players a free thematic pack.

To celebrate Bangalore’s Stories From the Outlands cinematic, Respawn released a Legendary MIL-SPEC skin available in the store to buy for premium currency.

This skin was bought by countless players who immediately began queuing for a match to test it out in-game. Unfortunately, the community quickly realized that if a player had the skin equipped and picked Bangalore during character selection, the game would instantly crash.

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Of course, the devs were quick to act and temporarily disabled the cosmetic until a fix was implemented on January 13.

Now, to apologize for the inconvenience, Respawn has left a small gift for anyone who was affected by the bug.

Bangalore Mil Spec skinRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore’s Mil-Spec skin was re-enabled on January 13.

Respawn compensate those affected by Bangalore MIL-SPEC bug

As the MIL-SPEC skin was only available to purchase via premium currency, Respawn received a lot of backlash over the game-breaking bug.

So, to apologize for the issue, the devs have gifted any players affected with a free thematic Bangalore pack.

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It’s worth noting that the pack will only be available to those who purchased the MIL-SPEC skin between January 4 and January 13, as this was the time in which it was disabled.

The free gift should appear automatically in your account if you qualify for the pack, so there are no steps you need to follow to get your hands on one.

While a single thematic pack may seem slightly underwhelming, a lot of players have expressed their appreciation towards Respawn for taking responsibility and compensating those affected.

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“Free things for a bug? That’s awesome, hope y’all continue doing this for other big issues.”

We’ll have to see if Respawn continues to gift players free packs in the future when major bugs affect the playerbase. However, this may be an isolated event as those affected purchased the skin with premium currency, making it a particularly frustrating problem.

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