All Storm Point map changes in Apex Legends Season 19

Connor Bennett
Apex Legends Storm Point map with new pink sky and changesRespawn/EA

With Apex Legends Season 19 just around the corner, Storm Point will undergo a pretty big update. Here’s what you need to know about the map changes. 

Over the past few years, the map pool in Apex Legends has grown to include five different settings: Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Storm Point, Olympus, and Broken Moon. 

Aside from the newest – Broken Moon – each map has undergone some big changes since they’ve been added. Storm Point has constantly been under the microscope, with the devs taking feedback onboard about different POIs and how they’ve impacted the flow of matches. 

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When Season 19 finally drops on October 31, the map will be changed in a big way yet again with a host of new POIs, changes to ones you probably loved dropping at, and the removal of Prowlers. 

Every Storm Point map change in Apex Legends Season 19

That’s right, Season 19 is going to be a big one for Storm Point, especially if you had loved dropping at Fish Farms and Lighting Rod. 

The farms have now been turned into Devastated Coast while Lighting Rod has undergone a big rework. They’ll also be joined by six new POIs including Wattson’s Pylon – a Town Takeover, ZEUS Station, and Ceto Station. There’s also a new sky box too, so the look of the coastal map is taking a turn. 

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Doesn’t it look pretty?

ZEUS Station on Storm Point in Apex Legends Season 19Respawn/EA
The new ZEUS Station will be a hive of activity.

Storm Point’s overall size has also been squeezed down. To go with the reworks to the coastal areas, the outer edges of the map have been pushed up a bit.

While you’re still going to have space to play with, gunfights should become a bit more frequent when you’re playing the edge. 

Additionally, the Prowlers that used to roam the map have been removed from the Prowler zone, so you won’t have to worry about them ruining your day anymore as you travel through.

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The changes are designed to make things a bit more fun overall, and with the Prowlers being gone, also a bit more safer. Seriously, they were a real headache at times.

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