ImperialHal criticizes Apex Legends Season 21 as the “exact same” except one thing

Connor Bennett
ImperialHal stood in front of Apex Legends characters fighting in Season 16

Apex Legends star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen isn’t quite sold on the Season 21 update, saying the battle royale still feels like the “same game” even with some map changes. 

Typically, when a new season of Apex Legends came around, fans of Respawn’s battle royale would be treated to a new Legend, a new weapon, a host of map changes, and some legend tweaks. 

Even though new seasons are still rolling out every few months, not every update comes with a fresh legend. Season 21, did however, bring a new character into the mix – Alter – as well as some map changes to Broken Moon, a solos mode, a raft of weapon changes, and ping changes. 

Some fans have quickly claimed that the new season is the most fun they’ve had in a long time, however, not everyone is sold. TSM IGL ImperialHal has been left underwhelmed by the changes, even though he is a fan of the Broken Moon update.

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for the new map, the game would f**king be the same exact thing,” the TSM star said on his stream. “I think the Broken Moon changes are really, really good and it’s actually fun to play on. 

“But, playing like World’s Edge or whatever the other map is, it’s kinda just like, practically, the same game. Like, nothing has basically changed in my opinion.”

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Hal has been banging the drum for changes to Apex for some time, but he wants them to make sense. The two-time ALGS MVP wasn’t behind the plan to remove the drop ship from competitive play, claiming that it dropped the skill gap. 

He has also been hoping that problems with cheaters in Ranked games also gets ironed out. Though, that’s been going on for so long that it’s unlikely to ever be fully fixed.