Apex Legends pros testing possible new map for ALGS Year 4

an image of new Revenant holding Charge Rifle in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

EA and Respawn are apparently considering a major shakeup to the map pool for Apex Legends’ ALGS year four, as they’re now looking at feedback for Olympus. 

In order to keep things fresh with battle royales, developers across the board have constantly had to refresh maps to make things interesting.

Whereas some battle royales have had one, maybe two maps to update, Apex Legends has had the advantage of having four maps to play with. These maps are on constant rotation in public and Ranked games, which means things are kept fresh from gaming session to gaming session. 

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In the case of recent ALGS seasons, the devs have only utilized three of these maps, however – World’s Edge, Kings Canyon, and Storm Point. The latter which they only introduced during Season 12, as it replaced the old favorite of Kings Canyon

Olympus being considered as new map for ALGS Year 4

Well, as players and organizations are gearing up for ALGS Year 4, it appears EA is considering another shake-up. 

According to FURIA’s Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith, EA has been asking teams to run scrims on the map in order to get some feedback on how it plays – likely with a view to using it in ALGS competition. 

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“They want people to run scrims on it to gather feedback because there is high potential of it being added in year four,” the former TSM star said. Though his teammates didn’t seem too pleased about it the idea, with one calling it “dogs*it.”

However, Albralelie did lay down a marker for where his trio would be dropping if Olympus makes it into the rotation. 

“Just wanna be early to this so I can get things rolling, so in the event of Olympus entering year 4 of ALGS, FURIA will be committing to Carrier/Fight Night and Lightning Rod as our Y4 POI’s,” he tweeted afterward.

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As of now, nothing has been confirmed by EA and it appears things are still up in the air. Players will be given a chance to voice their opinions on the map, but EA has final say as to whether or not it gets in.

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