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What is tap strafing in Apex Legends?

Published: 15/Feb/2022 0:20 Updated: 16/Feb/2022 0:22

by Alex Garton


Tap strafing has become a staple and strong technique among Apex Legends players, and although Respawn announced its removal in Season 10, it’s now been nerfed with the Season 12 update.

Apex Legends is praised by its community for having some of the best movement mechanics in the battle royale genre.

Whether you’re sliding down a hill, bunny-hoping, or even just sprinting to your location, Respawn has created an incredibly smooth and satisfying set of animations.

However, as with a lot of competitive titles, players will always take the mechanics of the game one step further and use unintended techniques to their advantage.


Well, that’s exactly what occurred with tap strafing, and Respawn has finally decided that they’re going to remove it from the game, leading to a lot of backlash from the community. But what is tap-strafing in Apex Legends and how does it work in-game?


How does tap-strafing work in Apex Legends?

What is tap strafing in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Tap strafing will be removed in the 10.1 update.

The tap strafe technique in Apex Legends allows you to make sharper movements and harder turns than normal side-jumps. It uses a combination of air-strafing and bunny hopping.

The premise behind the technique is simple. Each time the move forward key is pressed and released, it slightly changes the direction of your momentum.

Doing it multiple times in quick succession previously resulted in a full 180-degree turn, which was incredibly useful in fights. However, the Season 12 update made it impossible for players to perform a full 180-degree turn, limiting the movement capability to just 90-degree.


With that said, this movement mechanic can still be highly effective in-game once used correctly. So, let’s take a look at how to successfully perform it.

How to tap strafe in Apex Legends

How to tap strafe in Apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Tap strafing is still possible to learn in Apex Legends until the 10.1 update drops.

At this point in time, Respawn hasn’t revealed when tap-strafing is going to be removed, but we know it’ll be in an upcoming patch. However, for the time being, tap strafing is still possible in Apex Legends.

So, if you’re wondering how to perform the trick while you still have time, check out these simple steps below:

  1. Perform a slide jump by pressing shift, control, and space at the right time and hold one of your strafe keys depending on which direction you want to go. A will go left, and D will go right.
  2. At the peak of the jump, flick the mouse wheel scroll up or down while holding the strafe key without moving the mouse. If you do it right, you’ll notice a diagonal pull in the direction you’re facing.
  3. Once you’ve got that part down pat, move the mouse in the direction of the pull while spamming the mouse scroll and holding the strafe button, and you’ll have successfully performed the tap strafe.

Is Apex Legends tap-strafing being removed?

When Respawn initially announced the impending removal of tap strafing in Apex Legends, there were varying concerns. However, after some consideration, Respawn decided to simply tune this movement mechanic.


Earlier this year in September, Respawn stated that they discovered some “unexpected side effects of the planned changes to tap-strafing.”

They went on to say: “Movement is sacred in Apex. We weigh every change to these systems carefully and value feedback.”

That means players can still take advantage of the technique for the time being in its nerfed state.

There is no telling if Respawn plans to further change the way tap-strafing works. But for the time being, tap strafing is still available in-game.

So, there you have it, that’s what tap strafing is in Apex Legends and exactly how to do it while you still have time!


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