Apex Legends players plan boycott against Halloween event for “health” update

Alex Garton
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Apex Legends players have called for a boycott against the upcoming Halloween event to force Respawn to implement a server health update.

A seasonal update in Apex Legends always includes a brand new character as well a range of other incredible additions, whether it’s a new map or even a fresh mode, the devs never fail to get the community excited.

However, with Season 11 on the horizon, the game’s community called for a different style of update, one that just focused on fixing underlying issues and server problems.

Despite this being popular among players, the idea was shut down by Respawn, claiming it wasn’t possible to just move all the devs from content creation to bug fixing.

In response, a set of players have begun planning a boycott for the Halloween event to force Respawn to “acknowledge the problems” and fix the servers.

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The boycott is being planned on Reddit, calling players not to spend money on the Halloween event.

Apex Legends players call for boycott on Halloween event

Server issues and major bugs in Apex Legends have been frustrating the community for a while and one set of players has a plan to force a reaction out of Respawn.

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, chopinaopolis called all players not to spend any money over Halloween and completely boycott the event.

According to them, EA’s only focus is drawing in more money, and fixing the servers doesn’t generate revenue so they’re not interested in addressing the problems.

“Please don’t spend any money on the Halloween event… that’s all EA cares about, they could care less about the server issues and bugs as long as they make money”.

Despite the thread receiving a lot of attention, it appears Apex players are split over whether a boycott will work. Some believe the sheer amount of members on the subreddit will be enough to make a difference: “There’s 1.8 million people on the sub so that would be a big dent”.

Whereas others think the idea has been done before and failed, making it pointless to even try: “Oh is it time to boycott Apex again? I’m sure it will work out this time”.

Either way, with Respawn explaining that it’s simply not possible to conduct a dedicated health update for the game, it seems unlikely that a boycott would change the minds of the devs.

The community will just have to keep their fingers crossed that Respawn can eliminate and fix these server issues, so players get back to focusing on the exciting new content that arrives in each season.