Perfect Wattson buff idea would rework her Ultimate in Apex Legends

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Oct 11, 2021
Wattson in black pink skin in Apex Legends

As Apex Legends Season 11 gets ever closer, fans of Respawn’s battle royale have once again floated some ideas for a Wattson buff, including tweaking her hitbox and Interception Pylon ultimate. 

For a few seasons now, Apex Legends players have wanted to see Wattson get a little bit of love from the developers in the form of a buff.

The Static Defender has slipped down the popularity charts, becoming one of the least-used legends in the battle royale, even though Respawn maintains that she is actually pretty powerful compared to other characters.

There had been claims that she’d be buffed in Season 10, and receive some hitbox changes, but that hasn’t happened to this point. So, players have looked towards Season 11 as a way to “fix” her and get Wattson some highly sought-after buffs.

Wattson Ultimate buff
Respawn Entertainment
Wattson has one of the lowest pick rates in Apex and is in ned of a buff.

One of the buff ideas getting support comes from Redditor ToasterLunch, who suggested that Wattson’s hitbox should be tweaked to be like Lifeline’s and that her Pylon ultimate should be reworked just a touch.

In their concept, the Apex fan suggests reworking the Ultimate ability so that it no longer swallows any equipment thrown by Wattson’s teammates. Though, any grenades from the Static Defender would still be destroyed.

Additionally, they propose that Wattson could place the Pylon down and then move it, similar to how Rampart moves her fences. Though, to balance this, they suggest that Wattson could not start charging her Ultimate until the current Pylon is destroyed.

With the ideas being pretty balanced and Wattson being in need of some love, players are intrigued by it. “I like the movable pylon, I always see Wattson placing a pylon and pushing past it. Being able to take it with you could fill a huge gap in her kit,” one said.

However, as Respawn has pointed out before, they can’t just take fan ideas and implement them. They have to change them in some way. Though, fans are clearly desperate for a Wattson buff.