Apex Legends supply ship bug breaks Finishers and players want a fix

Respawn Entertainment

A bug with the supply ship in Apex Legends can derail Finishers where both players end up dying, and people want a fix for the issue.

There’s been plenty of bugs and gameplay issues with Apex Legends’ supply ship over the seasons. People have reported everything from random spots that instantly kill players to the game trapping people on the ship.

Another glitch that players have complained about but is still being seen in Apex has to do with the ship’s inability to carry players along with it during their Finishers at times.

Finishers are executions that can be performed on downed opponents, during which both the attacker and opponent are locked in a brief animation.

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Apex Legends Supply Ship bug

As such, Reddit user ‘Christ350’ experienced first-hand why using a Finisher on the supply ship is ill-advised seeing since the vehicle doesn’t always take the players with them.

“I’ve been gunned down by enemies, blown up to pieces by grenades but it was the first time I’ve ever been lagged to death by a down enemy probably playing from the moon,” they said.

The video they attached showed Loba and the enemy Wattson staying in place independently from the ship. After a moment, both players ended up getting killed.

Christ350 said they were a seasoned player but this was still one of the strangest ways they had died in Apex Legends.

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apex legends supply shipRespawn Entertainment
Dropping on supply ships is a great way to snag loot and a quick kill in Apex Legends, but do so at your own risk.

Other players chimed in to explain what they believed was happening in the clip, that’s affected other people in the past.

“It’s not the lag that killed you,” another person said. “Sometimes loot boxes or actions that prevent movement cause you to move on the drop ship so when it pulls you into the wall you just straight up die. I’ve had this happen with good internet.”

Respawn Entertainment are always troubleshooting fixes where needed, and this is one of those issues players have been wanting to be sorted out for some time.

There’s a lot of moving parts for these glitches and we’ll see if the Apex Legends devs work out a meaningful update to the problem soon.

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