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Apex Legends player discovers hilarious Loba bug as her assets get in the way

Published: 6/Aug/2021 11:44 Updated: 6/Aug/2021 12:46

by James Busby


Despite Respawn’s best efforts, Apex Legends sometimes features a number of glitches and bugs that slip through the net. However, the latest visual bug involves Loba and the Wraith Bringer Prowler skin. 

Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence is finally live and players from around the world are busy diving into all the new content. While Seer and the new POIs have proven popular amongst the player base, it seems that the latest update has brought with it a rather comical visual bug. 

Loba is certainly no stranger to the world of Apex Legends bugs – after all, her tactical has caused countless issues for both the developers and those that play her. However, the latest Loba issue doesn’t involve her abilities. Instead, one player has discovered that a specific Prowler skin is the main culprit. 


New Loba bug discovered

Apex Legends Loba
Respawn Entertainment
Loba has certainly had her fair share of glitches and bugs.

Just like every multiplayer game, Apex Legends is home to some whacky glitches and bugs. From Valkyrie’s ultimates that send players plunging through the map to accidental Wattson buffs, the popular BR certainly features a number of strange occurrences. 

Creating a game without any bugs requires a huge undertaking and while Respawn is often quick to iron out any problems, there are times where some go unnoticed until a member of the Apex community highlights the problem. 

So uhhh loba’s tits get in your way with this prowler skin? from apexlegends

Well, this is what one player did when they found a hilarious Loba bug. Reddit user Spikes_N_Spooks found that whenever they aimed down sights with the Wraith Bringer Prowler skin, Loba’s chest obstructed the view. 


Obviously, this can prove problematic for anyone that’s looking to avoid any visual clutter when gunning for those all-important kills. This visual bug may not be as bad as Warzone’s infamous demon gun glitch, but it’s certainly rather comical given how specific it is. 

Respawn has yet to officially respond to the bug, but the developers will likely patch it out in the near future.