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Strange Apex Legends glitch is making Loba’s teleport ability useless

Published: 21/May/2020 15:01

by Daniel Cleary


A bizarre glitch that was found with Loba’s tactical ability has been leaving Apex Legends players frustrated after causing their teleports to fail.

The fifth season of Apex Legends was finally released on May 12, and featured the introduction of a brand new character, Loba, along with lots of other changes.

Players have been attempting to master the new character, however, a glitch has been found with her tactical ability, and Loba mains are hoping for a quick fix.

Respawn Entertainment
Loba is the latest character to be added to Apex Legends.

Loba’s new kit provides players with high mobility and quick looting capabilities, however, a glitch with her Burglar’s Best Friend ability has been preventing players from using it at all.

The ability allows players to teleport, within a moderate range, to improve their positioning and can be used both offensively or defensively, whether chasing someone down or trying to escape a tough situation.

Apex legends player ImKim04 was among many who highlighted a bizarre bug with the ability and revealed that the jump drive was failing to teleport Loba after the tactical had been activated.

Surprisingly, the glitch seemingly resets the tactical ability’s cooldown and the Apex player tried multiple times, even attempting to teleport only a few feet away, with no results.

Loba’s tactical ability would be canceled similarly when players choose an invalid spot to jump to, however, in this case, it seems as if that same effect is occurring regardless of the targeted location.

This potentially game-breaking glitch could have a massive impact on those who rely on Loba’s unique kit for mobility, offering little chance at an escape when it occurs.

While little is known on what exactly is causing the bug, it does not seem to be too difficult to reproduce as many have reported experiences with this bizarre ability glitch as well.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev confirms highly-requested inventory feature coming soon

Published: 25/Nov/2020 20:29

by Alan Bernal


The era of ‘red dots’ littered across Apex Legends’ menu tabs will finally come to an end after Respawn confirmed they’re implementing a ‘mark all as seen’ button to the game.

Apex’s bustling community is rejoicing after the developers indicated the long-awaited quality of life update that is scheduled for the next patch, if everything goes to plan.

While fans of the game have known for a while that the feature was pending, there hasn’t been much news of it since seeing it on Respawn’s Trello board a while ago. Since the conversation’s gone dark, it’s been a waiting game to see if the developers would follow-up on the organizational feature.

Well, an inquiring fan created a mock-up of what the ‘mark all as seen’ button could look like within the character-select screen. But fiction turned into reality once Respawn Senior Game Designer, Daniel Z. Klein, chimed into the discussion.

apex legends season
Respawn Entertainment via InterfaceInGame
The red dots on tabs have cursed the Apex Legends menu screen for a while.

“Could we get a ‘Mark all as seen’ button? Would be useful instead of going through all the menus to clear the icons,” user ‘TigerTankSniper’ suggested, before Klein was happy to oblige.

“Good news! That’s probably coming in the next patch! John Hodgson put that one in not too long ago,” Klein was happy to report. Hodgson is another Senior Game Designer at Respawn, who’s about to make a lot of the Apex fans really happy.

Since the launch of Apex Legends back in February 2019, there’s been a ton of content regularly injected into the battle royale. This stretches from Legends, weapon cosmetics, sky trails, holo sprays, voice lines, banners, and a lot more.

As much as the fans have loved adding troves of content to their personal libraries, everytime something new gets added a small red dot appears to notify players of the change.

“I have an army of them because all the useless blue and white items I get, not really motivated enough to click on all them so now it just keeps growing bigger and bigger,” one person wrote.

The thing is, those little indicators can be persistent and a bit of a bother; hence, the quality of life update that’s coming into the game very soon.

But the community can let out a collective sigh of relief seeing as they shouldn’t be a problem in Apex Legends after the next update.