Valkyrie’s Ultimate is trapping teammates in the ground in Apex Legends

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ultimate abiltiy bugged

While the new legend within Apex Legends has been a joy to play with, her ultimate ability does sometimes have the unfortunate side-effect of trapping players underground.

Season 9 of Apex Legends is well underway now, and players worldwide have been getting a chance to try out the newest legend, Valkyrie. She has an impressive kit that enables her to maneuver within the sky to reign down fire on her enemies.

But, no game is ever perfect, and a new pesky bug has surfaced within Apex Legends that has hindered the effect of Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive ultimate when trying to lift a teammate into the sky. While it doesn’t; stop the legend from using her ultimate to its full potential, the clips are still pretty funny.

broken ultimate
Gibraltar has been breaking Valkyrie’s ultimate

Too heavy for liftoff?

For those who don’t know, Valkyrie’s ultimate ability allows her to lift off into the sky to quickly get to a destination. An added bonus to this ultimate is that her two teammates can grab onto her and also propel upwards with his. This ultimate has been fantastic for getting out of sticky scenarios or getting to a better advantage point for the oncoming circle.

Using the ability on certain terrains can cause an unfortunate glitch though, where one of the latched on teammates will become trapped under the geometry.

Reddit user “Roku-_-” posted a clip of their experience with this annoying bug. As soon as they latch on to Valk, Gibby falls through the floor of the map and then gets banished to the shadow realm. The player joked that Gibby simply weighs too much.


As one user notes that “Gibby needs a diet.” However, no matter the size of Gibraltar’s hitbox the fact an ultimate meant to help actually murders him, is an issue that probably wasn’t meant to be a feature.

And, the bug doesn’t only affect Gibby, other clips show Bloodhound being trapped in similar sitatuations.

We will have to wait and see if Respawn intends on resolving this new bug, but they should hopefully get to it sometime in the near future.

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