Demon Slayer: Why some demons don’t possess Blood Demon Art

Tulisha srivastava
Nezuko's Blood Demon Art in Demon Slayer

Almost all the powerful demons possess techniques called “Blood Demon Art.” These techniques are unique to each demon and make it even more dangerous than they already are.

In Demon Slayer, the fight between humans and demons has been going around for centuries with no victor. Humans fight using “Breathing Styles” that have many elements and forms. These styles grant them enough physical strength to fight demons and can be passed down to others. 

However, unlike humans, demons’ powers are unique to them. Furthermore, their “Blood Demon Art” are always unpredictable and extremely powerful. Therefore, this makes it even more difficult for demon slayers to fight against them, especially when they’re already at a disadvantage because of their inability to regenerate as demons do. 

Ever since the series started introducing members of the Twelve Kizuki, the ordinary demons are a thing of the past. Those ordinary demons don’t seem to possess any special ability that might aid them in battle; therefore, killing them is easier. Here’s a look at why some demons don’t possess Blood Demon Art.

What is a Blood Demon Art in Demon Slayer?

Blood Demon Art is a type of supernatural ability possessed by demons. As the name suggests, this ability uses the wielders’ blood as a medium to manifest themselves into reality. 

It differs from demon to demon, with every power seemingly based on a central theme, some of which are based on a demon’s past, personality, interests, or occupation. For example, Upper Three demon Akaza’s ability is related to martial arts, which corresponds to his human self, who was a talented martial artist. 

Furthermore, one Blood Demon Art can grant multiple abilities to a demon, which can be seen in Nezuko’s case. She can use offensive spells by using pyrokinesis. However, she can also use this ability to neutralize Gyutaro’s poison and save Tengen Uzui’s life. 

Why don’t all demons have Blood Demon Art?

Every time demons devour a person, they grow stronger and gain unique magical abilities. Therefore, newer demons or those who haven’t devoured many humans don’t develop their skills. In fact, this ability is extremely rare and only some demons possess them. Demons who have gained special abilities can amplify them by continuing to consume more humans. 

Doma explains that Akaza can easily become an Upper Two demon if he devours women and children as he does. But because he doesn’t harm them, Akaza remains weaker than Doma despite having been turned into a demon for much longer. That said, all demons have the potential to manifest Blood Demon Art. 

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