Demon Slayer rises back up Netflix chart as Season 4 nears halfway point

Anthony McGlynn
Demon Slayer Season 4

Demon Slayer is back, and as Season 4 trundles forth, the anime has begun doing numbers on Netflix again.

Demon Slayer Season 4 is coming out weekly on Crunchyroll, and so far, fans have been enjoying the Hashira Training Arc. But Crunchyroll isn’t the only platform that provides Tanjiro’s quest to destroy Muzan.

Netflix is also home to the Demon Slayer Corps, however, new episodes are added more sporadically. Instead of weekly releases, whole seasons stream there sometime after the arc is done.

Alas, the rumbles around Season 4 appear to be causing some people to rewatch or catch up, as Demon Slayer is now 10th on Netflix’s chart. The first three full seasons are available, so there’s plenty to get through for anyone curious about the franchise.

There might be some confusion, thanks to Netflix’s Demon Slayer listing. On the service, Demon Slayer has four seasons, but in actual fact there are three. Season 2 contains two arcs, Mugen Train and Entertainment District, and Netflix lists them as distinct seasons.

It’s something that has likely caused double-takes from plenty of fans, and right now probably has people thinking they can watch the latest episodes on the platform. Sadly, not the case. Season 4 will eventually come there, but we don’t know when that’ll be, since we still don’t know exactly how many episodes are in the Hashira Training Arc.

It will be shorter than the others, just like the manga. Ultimately, it’s about Tanjiro bulking up and getting the Hashira together for the Infinity Castle Arc, and the war against Muzan. There’s a chance we could see Hashira Training transition into Infinity Castle, but the sudden escalation in stakes (and high anticipation) makes that unlikely.

In any case, plenty are happy with what Netflix has to offer. We’ll let you know when Season 4 becomes available there. If you want more Demon Slayer, we have guides on Tanjiro’s earrings and Shinobu’s plan to defeat the demon that killed Kanae.

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