Ludwig slams Andrew Tate supporters: “You’re a f*cking loser”

ludwig and andrew tate header imageYouTube: Mogul Mail / Instagram: cobratate

YouTube streamer and content creator Ludwig Ahgren weighed in on the rise of controversial figure Andrew Tate, calling those who support him “f*cking losers.”

For those who may not be aware of Andrew Tate, the self-proclaimed hustler and kickboxer has made a name for himself thanks to his controversial opinions that have gone viral on TikTok and Twitch.

Tate has already crossed paths with influencers like xQc and Hasan Piker, both of whom debated Tate on his opinions regarding his views on women.

Now, YouTube creator Ludwig Ahgren has weighed in on Tate, with one Twitch clip in particular addressing a viewer defending him by saying if they “unironically” support Tate they are “a f*cking loser.”

Ludwig calls out Andrew Tate supporters

The full clip shows Ludwig reading a comment from a person in chat who tells the streamer not to “sh*t talk Andrew Tate.”

Ludwig immediately responded by saying, “If you unironically follow Andrew Tate you’re a f*cking loser, but I’ll save that for a Mogul Mail.”