IShowSpeed stopped by military from streaming North Korean border

Dylan Horetski
IShowSpeed korea

IShowSpeed has explained what happened after trying to enter North Korea during a recent IRL stream, revealing that military troops approached him.

Thanks to his wide variety of content, IShowSpeed has amassed millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The YouTube star brought his fans to South Korea during an IRL stream on May 14, 2024, but found himself in a bit of trouble at the Unification Village — an area used by North and South Korean Military for peace talks.

While visiting the area, Speed and his crew tried to set up his IRL stream only to be approached by military troops who took away the backpack he was using to handle his live stream.

“I went to go to North Korea, right?” he said. “I tried to bring my LiveU and stream and stuff. They took my LiveU, they took my stream.”

He explained that he tried to stream through a phone, but was being watched and couldn’t do so. Speed also showed a picture of the military officer restraining him briefly.

Despite the trouble he had at the border between North Korea and South Korea, IShowSpeed and his team continued with the broadcast to show off various aspects of South Korean nightlife.

Tourists are not allowed to randomly enter North Korea. Back in 2017, the US Government banned the use of passports to enter the country (without special permission) — claiming the increased risk of arrest and long-term detention.

Those who are allowed to enter North Korea are required to have a guided tour and are only allowed in certain parts of the country. Without special permission or a guided tour, Speed would have never been allowed to cross over into the country.

According to CNN, the Korean Unification Village and Demilitarized Zone on the border of North & South Korea are closed to tourists who don’t have special permission as well, which explains why Speed was approached and had his equipment taken away.

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